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    Mind Perception is the Essence of Morality.Kurt Gray, Liane Young & Adam Waytz - 2012 - Psychological Inquiry 23 (2):101-124.
    Mind perception entails ascribing mental capacities to other entities, whereas moral judgment entails labeling entities as good or bad or actions as right or wrong. We suggest that mind perception is the essence of moral judgment. In particular, we suggest that moral judgment is rooted in a cognitive template of two perceived minds—a moral dyad of an intentional agent and a suffering moral patient. Diverse lines of research support dyadic morality. First, perceptions of mind are linked to moral judgments: dimensions (...)
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    On Seeing Human: A Three-Factor Theory of Anthropomorphism.Nicholas Epley, Adam Waytz & John T. Cacioppo - 2007 - Psychological Review 114 (4):864-886.
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    How Children and Adults Represent God's Mind.Larisa Heiphetz, Jonathan D. Lane, Adam Waytz & Liane L. Young - 2016 - Cognitive Science 40 (1):121-144.
    For centuries, humans have contemplated the minds of gods. Research on religious cognition is spread across sub-disciplines, making it difficult to gain a complete understanding of how people reason about gods' minds. We integrate approaches from cognitive, developmental, and social psychology and neuroscience to illuminate the origins of religious cognition. First, we show that although adults explicitly discriminate supernatural minds from human minds, their implicit responses reveal far less discrimination. Next, we demonstrate that children's religious cognition often matches adults' implicit (...)
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    Holding Robots Responsible: The Elements of Machine Morality.Yochanan E. Bigman, Adam Waytz, Ron Alterovitz & Kurt Gray - 2019 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 23 (5):365-368.
  5. Mere Exposure to Money Increases Endorsement of Free-Market Systems and Social Inequality.Eugene M. Caruso, Kathleen D. Vohs, Brittani Baxter & Adam Waytz - 2013 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 142 (2):301.
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    Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in the Moral Circle: Competing Constraints on Moral Learning.Jesse Graham, Adam Waytz, Peter Meindl, Ravi Iyer & Liane Young - 2017 - Cognition 167:58-65.
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    Examining Overlap in Behavioral and Neural Representations of Morals, Facts, and Preferences.Jordan Theriault, Adam Waytz, Larisa Heiphetz & Liane Young - 2017 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 146 (11):1586-1605.
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    The Intentional Mind and the Hot Hand: Perceiving Intentions Makes Streaks Seem Likely to Continue.Eugene M. Caruso, Adam Waytz & Nicholas Epley - 2010 - Cognition 116 (1):149-153.
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    The Moral Cognition/Consciousness Connection.Mark Phelan & Adam Waytz - 2012 - Review of Philosophy and Psychology 3 (3):293-301.
  10. Causes and Consequences of Mind Perception.Adam Waytz, Kurt Gray, Nicholas Epley & Daniel M. Wegner - 2010 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (8):383-388.
    Perceiving others? minds is a crucial component of social life. People do not, however, always ascribe minds to other people, and sometimes ascribe minds to non-people. This article reviews when mind perception occurs, when it does not, and why mind perception is important. Causes of mind perception stem both from the perceiver and perceived, and include the need for social connection and a similarity to oneself. Mind perception also has profound consequences for both the perceiver and perceived. Ascribing mind confers (...)
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