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  1. The Infinite.Adrian W. Moore - 1990 - Routledge.
    Anyone who has pondered the limitlessness of space and time, or the endlessness of numbers, or the perfection of God will recognize the special fascination of this question. Adrian Moore's historical study of the infinite covers all its aspects, from the mathematical to the mystical.
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  2. Points of View.Adrian W. Moore - 1987 - Philosophical Quarterly 37 (146):1-20.
    A. W. Moore argues in this bold, unusual, and ambitious book that it is possible to think about the world from no point of view. His argument involves discussion of a very wide range of fundamental philosophical issues, including the nature of persons, the subject-matter of mathematics, realism and anti-realism, value, the inexpressible, and God. The result is a powerful critique of our own finitude.
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  3. Williams, Nietzsche, and the Meaninglessness of Immortality.Adrian W. Moore - 2006 - Mind 115 (458):311-330.
    In this essay I consider the argument that Bernard Williams advances in ‘The Makropolus Case’ for the meaninglessness of immortality. I also consider various counter-arguments. I suggest that the more clearly these counter-arguments are targeted at the spirit of Williams's argument, rather than at its letter, the less clearly they pose a threat to it. I then turn to Nietzsche, whose views about the eternal recurrence might appear to make him an opponent of Williams. I argue that, properly interpreted, these (...)
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    Ineffability and Nonsense.Adrian W. Moore - 2003 - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volumes( 77:169-223.
    [A. W. Moore] There are criteria of ineffability whereby, even if the concept of ineffability can never serve to modify truth, it can sometimes serve to modify other things, specifically understanding. This allows for a reappraisal of the dispute between those who adopt a traditional reading of Wittgenstein's Tractatus and those who adopt the new reading recently championed by Diamond, Conant, and others. By maintaining that what the nonsense in the Tractatus is supposed to convey is ineffable understanding, rather than (...)
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    Grundgesetze, Section 10.Adrian W. Moore & Andrew Rein - 1986 - In L. Haaparanta & J. Hintikka (eds.), Frege Synthesized. D. Reidel Publishing Co.. pp. 375--384.
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    The Bounds of Sense.Adrian W. Moore - 2006 - Philosophical Topics 34 (1):327.
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    Chromatin Regulators in Neurodevelopment and Disease: Analysis of Fly Neural Circuits Provides Insights.Hiroaki Taniguchi & Adrian W. Moore - 2014 - Bioessays 36 (9):872-883.
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