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    Woman and the Gift of Reason.Agnes Verbiest - 1995 - Argumentation 9 (5):821-836.
    An incidental extension of the central domain of argumentation theory with non-classical ways of constructing arguments seems to automatically raise a question that is otherwise rarely posed, namely whether or not it is useful to consider the sex of the arguer. This question is usually posed with regard to argumentation by women in particular. Do women rely more, or differently than men do on non-canonical modes of reasoning stemming from the realm of the emotional, physical and intuitive, instead of the (...)
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    Confrontation in Conversations: The Adjacency Pair as a Tool of the Descriptive Component of a Pragma-Dialectical Analysis. [REVIEW]Agnes Verbiest - 1989 - Argumentation 3 (4):395-400.
    Within the Pragma-Dialectical School of argumentation theory both a normative and a descriptive component are essential in order to account for a reconstruction of argumentative language use. This paper concentrates on the descriptive component and discusses the choice of the adjacency pair as a tool for the systematic description of the confrontation stage of argumentative conversations. First a structural description of confrontation in conversation is developed from the discourse analytical approach to argumentation of Jackson and Jacobs, within the normative frame (...)
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    Molly Meijer Wertheimer (Eds.), Listening to Their Voices: The Rhetorical Activities of Historical Women (1997).Agnes Verbiest - 1999 - Argumentation 13 (2):238-242.