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    Ethics Across the Curriculum—Pedagogical Perspectives.Elaine E. Englehardt, Michael S. Pritchard, Robert Baker, Michael D. Burroughs, José A. Cruz-Cruz, Randall Curren, Michael Davis, Aine Donovan, Deni Elliott, Karin D. Ellison, Challie Facemire, William J. Frey, Joseph R. Herkert, Karlana June, Robert F. Ladenson, Christopher Meyers, Glen Miller, Deborah S. Mower, Lisa H. Newton, David T. Ozar, Alan A. Preti, Wade L. Robison, Brian Schrag, Alan Tomhave, Phyllis Vandenberg, Mark Vopat, Sandy Woodson, Daniel E. Wueste & Qin Zhu - 2018 - Springer Verlag.
    Late in 1990, the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at Illinois Institute of Technology (lIT) received a grant of more than $200,000 from the National Science Foundation to try a campus-wide approach to integrating professional ethics into its technical curriculum.! Enough has now been accomplished to draw some tentative conclusions. I am the grant's principal investigator. In this paper, I shall describe what we at lIT did, what we learned, and what others, especially philosophers, can learn (...)
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    Brahmānubhava as Überpramāṇa in Advaita Vedānta: Revisiting an Old Debate.Alan A. Preti - 2014 - Philosophy East and West 64 (3):718-739.
    The trajectory taken by Advaita Vedānta as a subject of academic discourse over the greater part of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first has provided students of Indian philosophy with valuable insight into not only the range of issues with which Advaita is concerned but also the intellectual presuppositions, commitments, and agendas of both Advaitic scholars and apologists.1 The resulting variety of interpretations affords continuing opportunities to reflect on the ways in which academic research into Advaita Vedānta has served (...)
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    Introductory Ethics Textbooks.Alan A. Preti - 2016 - Teaching Ethics 16 (1):137-141.
  4. Unanimity Among Mystics: An Inquiry Into the Phenomenology of Mystical Experience.Alan A. Preti - 2002 - Dissertation, Temple University
    One of the issues which arises in connection with the study of mysticism concerns the status of a so-called 'pure consciousness' experience, i.e., a state of consciousness devoid of conceptual or empirical content and often alleged to be characterized by the realization of the mystic's identity with ultimate reality. Proponents of what I shall call the unanimity thesis typically assert that the state of pure consciousness is the common core of all mysticism; variations in accounts of mystical experience result from (...)
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