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    The Great Arnauld and Some of His Philosophical Correspondents.Alan Jean Nelson - 1996 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 34 (3):461-463.
    BOOK REVIEWS 461 Edwin Curley's "Notes on a Neglected Masterpiece: Spinoza and the Science of Hermeneutics" takes as its starting point Savan's claim that Spinoza is the "founder of scientific hermeneutics." Rejccting the most extreme interpretation of this claim -- i.e., that Spinoza created scientific hermeneutics ex nihilo -- Curlcy carefully compares Spi- noza's contributions to Biblical criticism with those of Hobbes and Isaac La Peyr~re, and concludes that Spinoza's work possesses, in addition to a generally higher level of hermeneutical (...)
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    Problem Section.Alan J. Nelson, Joshua Hoffman & Robert Hoffman - 1979 - Philosophia 8 (4):847-851.
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    Social Science and the Mental.Alan J. Nelson - 1990 - Midwest Studies in Philosophy 15 (1):194-209.
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    Meaning in Spinoza's Method (Review).Alan Jean Nelson & Noa Shein - 2005 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 43 (1):118-119.
  5. Saving Economics From Philosophy.Alan Jean Nelson - 1984 - Dissertation, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Chapter 1 is introductory. It identifies a cluster of philosophical problems that arise in the foundations of neoclassical economic theory. Issues growing out of the unusually tenuous connection between the theory and the world are singled out as especially troublesome. Is it, after all, possible for economics to look more like an empirical science like physics than like of branch of mathematics? ;Chapter 2 argues that economic methodology has been constrained by the application of faulty philosophy of science, or by (...)
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