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  1. Alan P. Hamlin (1986). Ethics, Economics, and the State. St. Martin's Press.
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    Alan P. Hamlin (1989). Rights, Indirect Utilitarianism, and Contractarianism. Economics and Philosophy 5 (2):167.
    Economic approaches to both social evaluation and decision-making are typically Paretian or utilitarian in nature and so display commitments to both welfarism and consequentialism. The contrast between the economic approach and any rights-based social philosophy has spawned a large literature that may be divided into two branches. The first is concerned with the compatibility of rights and utilitarianism seen as independent moral forces. This branch of the literature may be characterized as an example of the broader debate between the teleological (...)
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  3. Alan P. Hamlin & Philip Pettit (1989). The Good Polity Normative Analysis of the State.
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    Alan P. Hamlin (1991). Rational Revenge. Ethics 101 (2):374-381.
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