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    Plattner's Arrow: Science and Multi‐Dimensional Time.Alasdair M. Richmond - 2000 - Ratio 13 (3):256–274.
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    Hilbert's Inferno: Time Travel for the Damned.Alasdair M. Richmond - 2013 - Ratio 26 (3):233-249.
    Combining time travel with certain kinds of supertask, this paper proposes a novel model for Hell. Temporally-closed spacetimes allow otherwise impossible opportunities for material kinds of damnation and reveal surprising limitations on metaphysical objections to Hell. Prima facie, eternal damnation requires either infinite amounts of time or time for the damned to speed-up arbitrarily. However, spatiotemporally finite ‘time travel’ universes can host unending personal torment for infinitely many physical beings, while keeping fixed finite limits on rates of temporal passage. Such (...)
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    Gödelian Time-Travel and Anthropic Cosmology.Alasdair M. Richmond - 2004 - Ratio 17 (2):176–190.
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    Doomsday, Bishop Ussher and Simulated Worlds.Alasdair M. Richmond - 2008 - Ratio 21 (2):201–217.
    This paper attempts three tasks in relation to Carter and Leslie's Doomsday Argument. First, it criticises Timothy Chambers' 'Ussherian Corollary', a striking but unsuccessful objection to standard Doomsday arguments. Second, it reformulates the Ussherian Corollary as an objection to Bradley Monton's variant Doomsday and Nick Bostrom's Simulation Argument. Finally, it tries to diagnose the epistemic/metaphysical problems facing Doomsday-related arguments.1.
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