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Albena Azmanova
University of Kent at Canterbury
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    Crisis? Capitalism is Doing Very Well. How is Critical Theory?Albena Azmanova - 2014 - Constellations 21 (3):351-365.
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    Capitalism Reorganized: Social Justice After Neo-Liberalism.Albena Azmanova - 2010 - Constellations 17 (3):390-406.
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    The Scandal of Reason: A Critical Theory of Political Judgment.Albena Azmanova - 2012 - Columbia University Press.
    Preface -- Introduction: the scandal of reason and the paradox of judgment -- Political judgment and the vocation of critical theory -- Critical theory: political judgment as ideologiekritik -- Philosophical liberalism: reasonable judgment -- Liberalism and critical theory in dispute -- Judgment unbound: Arendt -- From critique of power to a theory of critical judgment -- The political epistemology of judgment -- The critical consensus model -- Judgment, criticism, innovation -- Conclusion: letting go of ideal theory.
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    Emancipation, Progress, Critique: Debating Amy Allen’s The End of Progress.Albena Azmanova, Martin Saar, Guilel Treiber, Azar Dakwar, Noëlle McAfee, Andrew Feenberg & Amy Allen - 2018 - Contemporary Political Theory 17 (4):511-541.
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    The Populist Catharsis: On the Revival of the Political.Albena Azmanova - 2018 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 44 (4):399-411.
    I argue that populism is not the cause of the erosion of diversity capital in contemporary democracies, it is its outcome. Focusing on the process of politicization of the social grievances articulated by populist parties and movements, I offer a diagnosis of the state of the political in contemporary democracies, in order to discern populism’s capacity to reboot democratic politics.
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    The Right to Politics and Republican Non-Domination.Albena Azmanova - 2016 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 42 (4-5):465-475.
    Against pronouncements of the recent demise of both democracy and the political, I maintain that there is, rather, something amiss with the process of politicization in which social grievances are translated into matters of political concern and become objects of policy-making. I therefore propose to seek an antidote to the de-politicizing tendencies of our age by reanimating the mechanism that transmits social conflicts and grievances into politics. To that purpose, I formulate the notion of a ‘fundamental right to politics’ as (...)
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    Through the Iron Curtain, Stuck Halfway Down.Albena Azmanova - 2017 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 43 (3):294-295.
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  8. What is Enlightenment?: Continuity or Rupture in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings.Mohammed D. Cherkaoui, Hani Albasoos, Albena Azmanova, Brian Calfano, John Entelis, Azza Karam, Richard Rubenstein, Solon Simmons & Radwan Ziadeh - 2016 - Lexington Books.
    This volume examines whether the Arab Uprisings introduce a replica of the European Enlightenment or rather stimulate an Arab/Islamic Awakening with its own cultural specificity and political philosophy. By placing Immanuel Kant in Tahrir Square, Cairo, this book adopts a comparative analysis of two enlightenment projects: one Arab, still under construction, with possible progression toward modernity or regression toward neo-authoritarianism, and one European, shaped by the past two centuries.
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