Albrecht von Müller [3]Albrecht A. C. von Müller [2]
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    Working Wonders? Investigating Insight with Magic Tricks.Amory H. Danek, Thomas Fraps, Albrecht von Müller, Benedikt Grothe & Michael Öllinger - 2014 - Cognition 130 (2):174-185.
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  2. Quantum Physics and Consciousness: The Quest for a Common Conceptual Foundation.Thomas Filk & Albrecht von Müller - 2009 - Mind and Matter 7 (1):59-80.
    Similar problems keep reappearing in both the discussion about the “hard” problem of consciousness and in fundamental issues in quantum theory. We argue that the similarities are due to common problems within the conceptual foundations of both fields. In quantum physics, the state reduction marks the “coming into being” of a new aspect of reality for which no causal explanation is available. Likewise, the self-referential nature of consciousness constitutes a “coming into being” of a new quality which goes beyond a (...)
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  3. Evolutionary Learning of Small Networks.Thomas Filk & Albrecht von Müller - 2008 - Complexity 13 (3):43-54.
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