1.  33
    University Research Evaluation and Funding: An International Comparison.Aldo Geuna & Ben R. Martin - 2003 - Minerva 41 (4):277-304.
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    The Governance of University Knowledge Transfer: A Critical Review of the Literature.Aldo Geuna & Alessandro Muscio - 2009 - Minerva 47 (1):93-114.
    Universities have long been involved in knowledge transfer activities. Yet the last 30 years have seen major changes in the governance of university–industry interactions. Knowledge transfer has become a strategic issue: as a source of funding for university research and (rightly or wrongly) as a policy tool for economic development. Universities vary enormously in the extent to which they promote and succeed in commercializing academic research. The identification of clear-cut models of governance for university–industry interactions and knowledge transfer processes is (...)
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  3.  18
    Universities in the New Knowledge Landscape: Tensions, Challenges, Change—An Introduction.Andrea Bonaccorsi, Cinzia Daraio & Aldo Geuna - 2010 - Minerva 48 (1):1-4.
    In the last decades of the twentieth century universities in Europe and other OECD countries have undergone a profound transformation. They have evolved from mainly élite institutions for teaching and research to large (public and private) organisations responsible for mass higher education and the production and distribution of new knowledge. Increasingly, new knowledge is produced by universities not only for its own sake but also for potential economic gains.
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    The Internationalisation of European Universities: A Return to Medieval Roots. [REVIEW]Aldo Geuna - 1998 - Minerva 36 (3):253-270.
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