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    Aversive Democracy: Inheritance and Originality in the Democratic Tradition.Aletta J. Norval - 2007 - Cambridge University Press.
    The twenty-first century has brought a renewed interest in democratic theory and practices, creating a complicated relationship between time-honoured democratic traditions and new forms of political participation. Reflecting on this interplay between tradition and innovation, Aletta J. Norval offers fresh insights into the global complexities of the formation of democratic subjectivity, the difficult emergence and articulation of political claims, the constitution of democratic relations between citizens and the deepening of our democratic imagination. Aversive Democracy draws inspiration from a critical engagement (...)
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    Ernesto Laclau.Mark Devenney, David Howarth, Aletta J. Norval, Yannis Stavrakakis, Oliver Marchart, Paula Biglieri & Gloria Perelló - 2016 - Contemporary Political Theory 15 (3):304-335.
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    Democratic Identification.Aletta J. Norval - 2006 - Political Theory 34 (2):229-255.
    This article explores the formation of democratic subjectivity and its connection to change. Drawing on Wittgenstein's account of aspect seeing, it seeks to elucidate the processes through which political grammars change. More specifically, it illuminates two dimensions of the formation of democratic political subjectivity: the initial " identification as" a democratic subject and its repeated renewal, necessary to the maintenance of a democratic ethos. I argue that by drawing a distinction between "aspect dawning" and "aspect change," it is possible to (...)
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    Moral perfectionism and democratic responsiveness: reading Cavell with Foucault.Aletta J. Norval - 2011 - Ethics and Global Politics 4 (4):207-229.
    Starting from existing interpretations of Cavell’s account of moral perfectionism, this article seeks to elaborate an account of democratic responsiveness that foregrounds notions of ‘turning’ and ‘manifesting for another’. In contrast to readings of Cavell that privilege reason-giving, the article draws on the writings of Cavell as well as on Foucault’s work on parreēsia to elaborate a grammar of responsiveness that is attentive to a wider range of practices, forms of embodiment and modes of subjectivity. The article suggests that a (...)
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    Memory, Identity and the (Im)possibility of Reconciliation: The Work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa.Aletta J. Norval - 1998 - Constellations 5 (2):250-265.
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    A Democratic Politics of Acknowledgement: Political Judgment, Imagination, and Exemplarity.Aletta J. Norval - 2008 - Diacritics 38 (4):59-76.
  7. Review essay : The new democracy: feminism between multiculturalism and anti-essentialism.Aletta J. Norval - 1998 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 24 (6):127-132.
  8. Practices of Freedom: Decentred Governance, Conflict and Democratic Participation.Steven Griggs, Aletta J. Norval & Hendrik Wagenaar (eds.) - 2014 - Cambridge University Press.
    The shift from government to governance has become a starting point for many studies of contemporary policy-making and democracy. Practices of Freedom takes a different approach, calling into question this dominant narrative and taking the variety, hybridity and dispersion of social and political practices as its focus of analysis. Bringing together leading scholars in democratic theory and critical policy studies, it draws upon new understandings of radical democracy, practice and interpretative analysis to emphasise the productive role of actors and political (...)
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    La ragione populista di Ernesto Laclau.Sergio Benvenuto, David Howarth & Aletta J. Norval - 2012 - Iride: Filosofia e Discussione Pubblica 25 (3):633-646.
  10. Becoming Black : acting otherwise and re-imagining community.Aletta J. Norval - 2014 - In Robert Nichols & Jakeet Singh (eds.), Freedom and democracy in an imperial context: dialogues with James Tully. New York: Routledge.
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    Decolonization, demonization and difference: the difficult constitution of a nation.Aletta J. Norval - 1995 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 21 (3):31-51.
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    The politics of homecoming? Contending identities in contemporary south Africa or identit venir.Aletta J. Norval - 1996 - Angelaki 1 (3):157 – 170.
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    Review essay : The new democracy: feminism between multiculturalism and anti-essentialism: Jodi Dean (ed.) Feminism and the New Democracy: Resiting the Political (London: Sage Publications, 1997). pp. 274. [REVIEW]Aletta J. Norval - 1998 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 24 (6):127-132.
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    Book Review: Becoming Who We Are: Politics and Practical Philosophy in the Work of Stanley Cavell, by Andrew Norris. [REVIEW]Aletta J. Norval - 2019 - Political Theory 47 (1):114-117.