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    Learning words from sights and sounds: a computational model.Deb K. Roy & Alex P. Pentland - 2002 - Cognitive Science 26 (1):113-146.
    This paper presents an implemented computational model of word acquisition which learns directly from raw multimodal sensory input. Set in an information theoretic framework, the model acquires a lexicon by finding and statistically modeling consistent cross‐modal structure. The model has been implemented in a system using novel speech processing, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms. In evaluations the model successfully performed speech segmentation, word discovery and visual categorization from spontaneous infant‐directed speech paired with video images of single objects. These results (...)
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    Perceptual organization and the representation of natural form.Alex P. Pentland - 1986 - Artificial Intelligence 28 (3):293-331.
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    Shading into texture.Alex P. Pentland - 1986 - Artificial Intelligence 29 (2):147-170.
  4. Regular articles Perceiving temporal regularity in music* 1 Edward W. Large, Caroline Palmer Memory for goals: an activation-based model* 39 Erik M. Altmann, J. Gregory Trafton. [REVIEW]John R. Anderson, Deb K. Roy, Alex P. Pentland, Vincent Awmm Aleven, Kenneth R. Koedinger, Yafen Lo, Ashley Sides, Joseph Rozelle, Daniel Osherson & Bruno Laeng - 2002 - Cognitive Science 26 (837):839.
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