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    Essays on Form and Interpretation.Alexander Grosu - 1977 - Philosophical Review 88 (3):457-460.
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    Strange Relatives of the Third Kind.Alexander Grosu & Fred Landman - 1998 - Natural Language Semantics 6 (2):125-170.
    In this paper, we argue that there are more kinds of relative clause constructions between the linguistic heaven and earth than are dreamed of in the classical lore, which distinguishes just restrictive relative clauses and appositives. We start with degree relatives. Degree, or amount, relatives show restrictions in the relativizers they allow, in the determiners that can combine with them, and in their stacking possibilities. To account for these facts, we propose an analysis with two central, and novel, features: First, (...)
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    The Gifted Mathematician That You Claim to Be.Manfred Krifka & Alexander Grosu - manuscript
    Equational intensional ‘reconstruction’ relatives. Submitted.
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  4. The Gifted Mathematician That You Claim to Be : Equational Intensional 'Reconstruction' Relatives. [REVIEW]Alexander Grosu & Manfred Krifka - 2007 - Linguistics and Philosophy 30 (4):445-485.
    This paper investigates relative constructions as in The gifted mathematician that you claim to be should be able to solve this equation, in which the head noun is semantically dependent on an intensional operator in the relative clause, even though it is not c-commanded by it. This is the kind of situation that has led, within models of linguistic description that assume a syntactic level of Logical Form, to analyses in which the head noun is interpreted within the CP-internal gap (...)
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