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    Logic and The Open Society: Revising the Place of Tarski's Theory of Truth Within Popper's Political Philosophy.Alexander J. Naraniecki - 2009 - In Zuzana Parusniková & R. S. Cohen (eds.), Rethinking Popper. Springer. pp. 257--271.
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    Neo-Positivist or Neo-Kantian? Karl Popper and the Vienna Circle: Alexander Naraniecki.Alexander Naraniecki - 2010 - Philosophy 85 (4):511-530.
    This paper re-contextualises Popper within a Kantian tradition by examining his interaction with the Vienna Circle. The complexity of Popper's relationship to the Vienna Circle is often a point of confusion as some view him as a member of the Vienna Circle while others minimise his association with this group. This paper argues that Popper was not a member of the Vienna Circle or a positivist but shared many neo-Kantian philosophical tendencies with the members of the Circle as well as (...)
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    Karl Popper on Jewish Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism.Alexander Naraniecki - 2012 - The European Legacy 17 (5):623 - 637.
    This paper re-contextualizes Karl Popper's thought within the anti-nationalist cosmopolitan tradition of the Central European intelligentsia. It argues that, although Popper was brought up in an assimilated Jewish Viennese household, from the perspective of the Jewish Enlightenment or Haskalah tradition, he can be seen to be a modern day heterodox Maskil (scholar). Popper's ever present fear of anti-Semitism and his refusal to see Judaism as compatible with cosmopolitanism raise important questions as to the realisable limits of the cosmopolitan ideal. His (...)
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    L. E. J. Brouwer and Karl Popper: Two Perspectives on Mathematics.Alexander John Naraniecki - 2015 - Cosmos and History 11 (1):239-255.
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    Popper’s View of Modern Science: In the Footsteps of Schelling.Alexander John Naraniecki - 2014 - Cosmos and History 10 (2):197-215.
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  6. Returning to Karl Popper: A Reassessment of His Politics and Philosophy.Alexander Naraniecki (ed.) - 2014 - Editions Rodopi.
    Over the last few years there has been a resurgent interest in various scientific disciplines in Popper’s arguments. To gain a greater appreciation of Popper’s scientific arguments, they need to be viewed in relation to his broader philosophy and where this stands within the history of ideas. This book aims to take seriously those aspects of Popper’s writings that have received less attention and wherein he advanced metaphysical, speculative, mystical-poetic, aesthetic and Platonic arguments. Such arguments are crucial for an appreciation (...)
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