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    Rationality, Uncertainty, and Unanimity: An Epistemic Critique of Contractarianism.Alexander Schaefer - 2021 - Economics and Philosophy 37 (1):82-117.
    This paper considers contractarianism as a method of justification. The analysis accepts the key tenets of contractarianism: expected utility maximization, unanimity as the criteria of acceptance, and social-scientific uncertainty of modelled agents. In addition to these three features, however, the analysis introduces a fourth feature: a criteria of rational belief formation, viz. Bayesian belief updating. Using a formal model, this paper identifies a decisive objection to contractarian justification. Insofar as contractarian projects approximate the Agreement Model, therefore, they fail to justify (...)
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  2. Incoherent but Reasonable: A Defense of Truth-Abstinence in Political Liberalism.Wes Siscoe & Alexander Schaefer - 2020 - Social Theory and Practice 46 (3):573-603.
    A strength of liberal political institutions is their ability to accommodate pluralism, both allowing divergent comprehensive doctrines as well as constructing the common ground necessary for diverse people to live together. A pressing question is how far such pluralism extends. Which comprehensive doctrines are simply beyond the pale and need not be accommodated by a political consensus? Rawls attempted to keep the boundaries of reasonable disagreement quite broad by infamously denying that political liberalism need make reference to the concept of (...)
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    Reasonable But Non-Liberal: Another Route to Polycentrism.Alexander Schaefer - 2021 - Philosophical Quarterly 72 (1):218-228.
    In an influential article, Brian Kogelmann argues that a polycentric political order offers an appealing way of reconciling deep diversity with Rawls’ ideal of the well-ordered society. Although I agree with this conclusion, I suggest an amendment to Kogelmann's argument. In particular, his argument abandons the deep diversity that originally motivates the project by stipulating that all citizens will accept liberal political conceptions of justice. I offer an alternative defence of polycentrism, one that shows its ability to achieve the goals (...)
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    Exit & isolation: Rousseau’s state of nature.Mario I. Juarez-Garcia & Alexander Schaefer - 2022 - Synthese 200 (3):1-21.
    Game theory has proven useful in clarifying Hobbes’s argument that the state of nature will inevitably devolve into a state of war. Mathematically-leaning philosophers, however, have paid little attention to Rousseau’s depiction of the state of nature as a peaceful, asocial state of solitary wanderers. This paper articulates Rousseau’s critique of Hobbes in formal terms, which pinpoints two crucial issues in Hobbes’s account: the lack of an exit option and an unrealistic depiction of human nature. Building upon recent game-theoretic treatments (...)
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    Dynamic Network Participation of Functional Connectivity Hubs Assessed by Resting-State fMRI.Alexander Schaefer, Daniel S. Margulies, Gabriele Lohmann, Krzysztof J. Gorgolewski, Jonathan Smallwood, Stefan J. Kiebel & Arno Villringer - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    The Position and Function of Man in the Created World According to Saint Bonaventure.Alexander Schaefer - 1961 - Franciscan Studies 21 (3-4):233-382.
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    The Position and Function of Man in the Created World According to Saint Bonaventure.Alexander Schaefer - 1960 - Franciscan Studies 20 (3-4):261-316.