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    Frank Schalow, the renewal of the Heidegger-Kant dialogue. [REVIEW]Alexander von Schoenborn - 1995 - Southwest Philosophy Review 11 (2):309-314.
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    Max Scheler on Philosophy and Religion.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1974 - International Philosophical Quarterly 14 (3):285-308.
    Scheler's philosophic reflections on religious experience and on the connections between this experience and those reflections seek to found a phenomenological personalism. Hence I first delineate his conception of person via his view of phenomenology as resulting from a critique of husserl. I then elaborate scheler's conception of philosophy in terms of the intentional acts involved. After a similar elaboration of scheler's view of religion, I present his 'system of conformity' of the proper interplay of philosophy and religion. I conclude (...)
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    Kant als Herausforderung an die Gegenwart.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1982 - Review of Metaphysics 36 (2):453-455.
    There is much in this little book that will interest students both of Kant and of the Enlightenment. Its chapter headings indicate the topics addressed: "I. Kant's Middle Class Life: From Gallant Tutor to Withdrawn Scholar," "II. Kant and the Enlightenment: Kant's Theory of the Impossibility of Total Error," "III. Seeking Inner Maturity: Origin and Decline of a Leading Idea of the Enlightenment," "IV. Basic Forms of Praxis: Preliminary Reflections on the Foundations of Kant's Practical Philosophy," and "V. Ethics and (...)
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    Kant and the Absolute.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1976 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 7 (1):145-152.
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    Reflections on Kant’s Philosophy.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1977 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 8 (1):171-173.
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    Heideggerian Everydayness.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1972 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 3 (3):103-110.
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    Edmund Husserl: Philosopher of Infinite Tasks.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1975 - International Philosophical Quarterly 15 (2):234-237.
  8.  22
    De Grundprobleme der Phänomenologie.Alexander von Schoenborn - 1978 - Southwestern Journal of Philosophy 9 (3):143-146.
  9. Philip J. Rossi and Michael Wreen, eds., Kant's Philosophy of Religion Reconsidered. [REVIEW]Alexander von Schoenborn - 1993 - Philosophy in Review 13 (4):184-186.