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    A Kantian foundation for welfare rights.Alice Pinheiro Walla - 2019 - Jurisprudence 11 (1):76-91.
    In this article, I offer a foundation for the prima facie idea of a right to welfare based on a neglected aspect of Kant’s legal theory: his account of equity rights. I argue...
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  2. Common Possession of the Earth and Cosmopolitan Right.Alice Pinheiro Walla - 2018 - Las Torres de Lucca. International Journal of Political Philosophy 7 (13):255-276.
    La posesión común de la tierra fue una idea prominente en la filosofía moderna del siglo xvii. En este artículo, sostendré que Kant no sólo propuso una versión secular de la posesión común de la tierra, sino que también se diferenció de forma radical de la concepción iusnaturalista de sus predecesores. Propongo que la revisión kantiana del derecho cosmopolita se dirige al mismo problema que el derecho de necesidad de Grocio, a saber, la implausibilidad de asumir derechos adquiridos absolutos cuando (...)
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  3. Private Property and the Possibility of Consent. Immanuel Kant and Social Contract Theory.Alice Pinheiro Walla - 2018 - In Larry Krasnoff, Nuria Sánchez Madrid & Paula Satne (eds.), Kant's Doctrine of Right in the 21st Century. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.
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    Global government or global governance? Realism and idealism in Kant's legal theory.Alice Pinheiro Walla - 2017 - Journal of Global Ethics 13 (3):312-325.
    ABSTRACTDid Kant believe we need a world government? It has been a matter of controversy in Kant scholarship whether Kant endorsed the creation of a world state or merely a voluntary federation of states with no coercive power. I argue that Kant's main concern was with a global juridical condition, which he regarded as a rational requirement given the equal freedom and equality of individuals. However, he recognized that implementing this rational ideal requires sensitivity to contingent aspects of world politics. (...)
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  5. Kant on Freedom of Thought.Alice Pinheiro Walla - 2017 - In Anna Tomaszewska & Hasse Hämäläinen (eds.), The Sources of Secularism: Enlightenment and Beyond. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.
  6. Reason, Rights and Law: New Essays on Kantian Philosophy.Alice Pinheiro Walla & Mehmet Ruhi Demiray (eds.) - forthcoming - University of Wales Press.
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    Book review: Kant's Lectures on Ethics: A Critical Guide. [REVIEW]Alice Pinheiro Walla - 2016 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 201610.
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