Alison Hall [7]Alison E. Hall [1]Alison K. Hall [1]
  1. Free Enrichment or Hidden Indexicals?Alison Hall - 2008 - Mind and Language 23 (4):426-456.
    Abstract: A current debate in semantics and pragmatics is whether all contextual effects on truth-conditional content can be traced to logical form, or 'unarticulated constituents' can be supplied by the pragmatic process of free enrichment. In this paper, I defend the latter position. The main objection to this view is that free enrichment appears to overgenerate, not predicting where context cannot affect truth conditions, so that a systematic account is unlikely (Stanley, 2002a). I first examine the semantic alternative proposed by (...)
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  2. Implicature and Explicature.Robyn Carston & Alison Hall - 2012 - In Hans-Jörg Schmid (ed.), Cognitive Pragmatics. pp. 47-84.
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    Subsentential Utterances, Ellipsis, and Pragmatic Enrichment.Alison Hall - 2009 - Pragmatics and Cognition 17 (2):222-250.
    It is argued that genuinely subsentential phrases, such as a discourse-initial utterance of “From France” to indicate the provenance of an item, provide evidence for the reality of the pragmatic process of free enrichment. I consider recent attempts to treat such discourse-initial fragments as linguistic ellipsis of some kind while accommodating the difference between these cases and accepted types of ellipsis such as sluicing and gapping. I claim that the mechanisms they posit to save an ellipsis story have no role (...)
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    Revealing the Results of Whole-Genome Sequencing and Whole-Exome Sequencing in Research and Clinical Investigations: Some Ethical Issues: Table 1.Nina Hallowell, Alison Hall, Corinna Alberg & Ron Zimmern - 2015 - Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (4):317-321.
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    Semantic Compositionality and Truth-Conditional Content.Alison Hall - 2009 - Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 109 (1pt3):353 - 364.
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    Legal and Ethical Implications of Inherited Cardiac Disease in Clinical Practice Within the UK.Alison E. Hall & Hilary Burton - 2010 - Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (12):762-766.
    Increasing genetic knowledge over the last decade has enabled hundreds of genetic variants associated with inherited cardiac conditions to be identified, many of which cause increased risk of sudden cardiac death. While individually these conditions are rare, taken together they impose a significant burden. The severity of these conditions—the possibility that they might cause sudden unheralded death of a teenager or young adult—juxtaposed with uncertainty about the pathology linked with many of the genetic variants is significant in terms of professional (...)
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    The Elusive Stem Cell. Growth Factors and Stem Cells. By Antomy Burgess and Nicos Nicola. Acedemic Press, New York, Pp. 355. £22.50/$31. [REVIEW]Alison K. Hall - 1985 - Bioessays 3 (2):86-87.
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    The Phenomena of Femininity.Alison Hall - 2001 - Analysis (Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis) 10:40.
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    Should Doctors Wear White Coats? The Patient's Perspective.Alok Tiwari, Neil Abeysinghe, Alison Hall, Prasanna Perera & Jenny S. Ackroyd - 2001 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 7 (3):343-345.