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    Conventionality of Simultaneity.Allen Janis - 2008 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    In his first paper on the special theory of relativity, Einstein indicated that the question of whether or not two spatially separated events were simultaneous did not necessarily have a definite answer, but instead depended on the adoption of a convention for its resolution. Some later writers have argued that Einstein's choice of a convention is, in fact, the only possible choice within the framework of special relativistic physics, while others have maintained that alternative choices, although perhaps less convenient, are (...)
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    Simultaneity and Conventionality.Allen I. Janis - 1983 - In R. Cohen & L. Laudan (eds.), Physics, Philosophy, and Psychoanalysis. D. Reidel. pp. 101--110.
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    The Geometry of the Rotating Disk in the Special Theory of Relativity.Adolf Grünbaum & Allen I. Janis - 1977 - Synthese 34 (3):281 - 299.
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    Is There Backward Causation in Classical Electrodynamics?Adolf Grünbaum & Allen I. Janis - 1977 - Journal of Philosophy 74 (8):475-482.
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    Synchronism by Slow Transport of Clocks in Noninertial Frames of Reference.Allen I. Janis - 1969 - Philosophy of Science 36 (1):74-81.
    The demonstration that slow transport of clocks can be used to define simultaneity in inertial frames of reference leads to the question of whether clock transport can similarly be used in noninertial frames. It is shown that there are certain types of reference frames in which the clock-transport method cannot be used in a self-consistent manner. It is also shown that there are other types of noninertial frames in which the clock-transport method will succeed. The discussion includes noninertial frames in (...)
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  6. Philosophical Problems of the Internal and External Worlds: Essays on the Philosophy of Adolf Grunbaum.John Earman, Allen Janis, Gerald J. Massey & Nicholas Rescher (eds.) - 1994 - University of Pittsburgh Press.
    The inaugural volume of the Pitt-Konstanz series, devoted to the work of philosopher Adolf Grünbaum, encompasses the philosophical problems of space, time, and cosmology, the nature of scientific methodology, and the foundations of psychoanalysis.
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    The Rotating Disk: Reply to Grøn. [REVIEW]Adolf Grünbaum & Allen I. Janis - 1980 - Foundations of Physics 10 (5-6):495-498.
    It is argued that Grøn's criticism of our treatment of the rotating disk in special relativity is incorrect: Our results pertain to an acceleration program different from his but physically no less legitimate.
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    Retrocausation and the Formal Assimilation of Classical Electrodynamics to Newtonian Mechanics: A Reply to Nissim-Sabat's "on Grunbaum and Retrocausation".Adolf Grunbaum & Allen I. Janis - 1979 - Philosophy of Science 46 (1):136-160.
    Dirac's classical electrodynamics countenances "preaccelerations" of charged particles at a time t as mathematical functions of external forces applied after the time t. These preaccelerations have been interpreted as evidence for physical retrocausation upon assuming that, in electrodynamics no less than in Newton's second law, external forces sustain an asymmetric causal relation to accelerations. And this retrocausal interpretation has just been defended against the critiques in (Grunbaum 1976), (Grunbaum and Janis, 1977 and 1978) by appeal to the formal assimilation of (...)
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    Scientific Failure.Tamara Horowitz & Allen I. Janis - 1994
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    Physics and Science Fiction.Allen I. Janis - 2003 - In A. Ashtekar (ed.), Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics. pp. 545--554.
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    Simultaneity, Relativity and Conventionality.Allen I. Janis - 2008 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 39 (1):217-224.
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    The Conceptual Foundations of Contemporary Relativity Theory.Allen I. Janis - 1973 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 4 (3):300-306.