1. The Perception of Relations.Alon Hafri & Chaz Firestone - 2021 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 25 (6):475-492.
    The world contains not only objects and features (red apples, glass bowls, wooden tables), but also relations holding between them (apples contained in bowls, bowls supported by tables). Representations of these relations are often developmentally precocious and linguistically privileged; but how does the mind extract them in the first place? Although relations themselves cast no light onto our eyes, a growing body of work suggests that even very sophisticated relations display key signatures of automatic visual processing. Across physical, eventive, and (...)
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    Encoding of Event Roles From Visual Scenes is Rapid, Spontaneous, and Interacts with Higher-Level Visual Processing.Alon Hafri, John C. Trueswell & Brent Strickland - 2018 - Cognition 175:36-52.
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    Getting the Gist of Events: Recognition of Two-Participant Actions From Brief Displays.Alon Hafri, Anna Papafragou & John C. Trueswell - 2013 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 142 (3):880-905.
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