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    Between Concept and Metaphor: Reviewing Nietzsche′s Doctrine of Truth.Altaf Hossain - 2013 - International Journal of Philosophy 1 (1):6.
  2.  65
    Gadamer's Hermeneutics.Altaf Hossain - 2007 - The Proceedings of the Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy 11:69-78.
    Hermeneutics, in its phenomenological mode, has become one of the dominating issues in contemporary philosophical discours. Hans-Georg Gadamer, the leading exponent of phenomenological hermeneutics, develops his theory in his monumental work Truth and Method1, by regarding hermeneutics as an exploration of both the archaeology of human understanding and constitutive role of language in experience. In this paper, we have presented a brief exposition of Gadamer's views, giving an emphasis on how human understanding of objects inevitably mingles with its traditions or (...)
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