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    Race and a Transnational Reproductive Caste System: Indian Transnational Surrogacy.Amrita Banerjee - 2014 - Hypatia 29 (1):113-128.
    When it comes to discourses around women's labor in global contexts, we need feminist philosophical frameworks that take the intersections of gender, race, and global capitalism seriously in order to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of women's lives within global processes. Women of color feminist philosophy can bring much to the table in such discussions. In this essay, I theorize about a concrete instance of global women's labor: transnational commercial gestational surrogacy. By introducing a “racialized gender” analysis into the philosophical (...)
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    Reorienting the Ethics of Transnational Surrogacy as a Feminist Pragmatist.Amrita Banerjee - 2010 - The Pluralist 5 (3):107-127.
    The issue of surrogacy has received a great deal of attention in the West ever since the famous Baby M case in the latter part of the 1980s. Ethicists, psychologists, and legal experts have struggled with the meanings and implications of this practice, especially in its commercial form. In contemporary times, however, the phenomenon of surrogacy has assumed new dimensions as it travels across national borders in the context of globalization. As a transnational phenomenon, it is now marketed as an (...)
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    Philosophical Articulations on “Mothering” and “Care” From the “Margins”.Amrita Banerjee & Bonnie Mann - 2016 - Philosophy in the Contemporary World 23 (1):1-4.
    PCW Editors’ Comments: In this volume we are privileged to publish a special edition on mothering from the margins. The guest editors Amrita Banerjee and Bonnie Mann have collected a range of submissions representing original and insightful perspectives on motherhood.
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    Follett's Pragmatist Ontology of Relations: Potentials for a Feminist Perspective on Violence.Amrita Banerjee - 2008 - Journal of Speculative Philosophy 22 (1):pp. 3-11.
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    Review Josiah Royce in Focus Kegley Jacquelyn Ann K. Indiana UP Bloomington.Amrita Banerjee - 2012 - The Pluralist 7 (2):109-112.
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    Josiah Royce in Focus (Review).Amrita Banerjee - 2012 - The Pluralist 7 (2):109-112.
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  7. Historical Materialism and Political Analysis.Amritava Banerjee - 1978 - K. P. Bagchi.