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Amy R. Baehr [14]Amy Ruth Baehr [1]
  1. Perfectionism, feminism and public reason.Amy R. Baehr - 2008 - Law and Philosophy 27 (2):193 - 222.
  2. Toward a New Feminist Liberalism: Okin, Rawls, and Habermas.Amy R. Baehr - 1996 - Hypatia 11 (1):49 - 66.
    While Okin's feminist appropriation of Rawls's theory of justice requires that principles of justice be applied directly to the family, Rawls seems to require only that the family be minimally just. Rawls's recent proposal dulls the critical edge of liberalism by capitulating too much to those holding sexist doctrines. Okin's proposal, however, is insufficiently flexible. An alternative account of the relation of the political and the nonpolitical is offered by Jürgen Habermas.
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    Varieties of Feminist Liberalism.Amy R. Baehr (ed.) - 2004 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    The essays in this volume present versions of feminism that are explicitly liberal, or versions of liberalism that are explicitly feminist. By bringing together some of the most respected and well-known scholars in mainstream political philosophy today, Amy R. Baehr challenges the reader to reconsider the dominant view that liberalism and feminism are 'incompatible.'.
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    Feminist politics and feminist pluralism: Can we do feminist political theory without theories of gender?Amy R. Baehr - 2004 - Journal of Political Philosophy 12 (4):411–436.
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    22. Feminism.Amy R. Baehr - 2018 - In Hauke Brunkhorst, Regina Kreide & Cristina Lafont (eds.), The Habermas handbook. New York: Columbia University Press. pp. 183-187.
  6. Conservatism, Feminism, and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.Amy R. Baehr - 2009 - Hypatia 24 (2):101 - 124.
    This paper is a philosophical reconstruction of Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's thinking about women and feminism, and an inquiry into whether there is a conservative form of feminism. The paper argues that Fox-Genovese's endorsement of conventional social forms (like traditional marriage, motherhood, and sexual morality) contrasts strongly with feminism's criticism of these forms, and feminism's claim that they should be transformed. The paper concludes, however, that one need not call Fox-Genovese's thought "feminist" to recognize it as serious advocacy on behalf of women (...)
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    A feminist liberal approach to hate crime legislation.Amy R. Baehr - 2003 - Journal of Social Philosophy 34 (1):134–152.
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    On Zona Vallance’s “Women as Moral Beings”.Amy R. Baehr - 2014 - Ethics 125 (1):200-203,.
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    Substantive Equality and Equal Citizenship1.Amy R. Baehr - 2020 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 37 (5):854-862.
    In Part 1, I argue that Watson and Hartley’s relational feminist political liberal approach – grounded in the idea of equal citizenship – produces a rather elusive liberal feminist agenda (because of its reliance on intuitions) and that it may lose track of the importance of goods whose value stems from the role they play in an individual woman’s or girl’s life rather than from the role they play in securing equal citizenship. I suggest that a distributive principle approach – (...)
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    Women's Voices, Women's Rights: Oxford Amnesty Lectures 1996.Amy R. Baehr - 2002 - Hypatia 17 (1):197-200.
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    Book review: Alison Jeffries. Women's voices, women's rights: Oxford amnesty lectures 1996. Boulder: Westview press, 1999. [REVIEW]Amy R. Baehr - 2002 - Hypatia 17 (1):197-200.
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    Partisan or Neutral? [REVIEW]Amy R. Baehr - 2000 - Teaching Philosophy 23 (3):290-295.
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    Partisan or Neutral? [REVIEW]Amy R. Baehr - 2000 - Teaching Philosophy 23 (3):290-295.
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    Toward a Humanist Justice. [REVIEW]Amy R. Baehr - 2010 - Social Theory and Practice 36 (3):525-533.