1.  16
    Brain Networks of Visuospatial Attention and Their Disruption in Visual Neglect.Paolo Bartolomeo, Michel Thiebaut de Schotten & Ana B. Chica - 2012 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 6.
  2.  5
    Phasic Auditory Alerting Improves Visual Conscious Perception.Flor Kusnir, Ana B. Chica, Manuel A. Mitsumasu & Paolo Bartolomeo - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1201-1210.
    Attention is often conceived as a gateway to consciousness . Although endogenous spatial attention may be independent of conscious perception , exogenous spatial orienting seems instead to be an important modulator of CP . Here, we investigate the role of auditory alerting in CP in normal observers. We used a behavioral task in which phasic alerting tones were presented either at unpredictable or at predictable time intervals prior to the occurrence of a near-threshold visual target. We find, for the first (...)
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    When Endogenous Spatial Attention Improves Conscious Perception: Effects of Alerting and Bottom-Up Activation.Fabiano Botta, Juan Lupiáñez & Ana B. Chica - 2014 - Consciousness and Cognition 23:63-73.
  4.  15
    Unconscious Strategies? Commentary on Risko and Stolz (2010): “The Proportion Valid Effect in Covert Orienting: Strategic Control or Implicit Learning?”☆.Ana B. Chica & Paolo Bartolomeo - 2010 - Consciousness and Cognition 19 (1):443-444.
  5.  16
    Attentional Orienting and Awareness: Evidence From a Discrimination Task.María Fernanda López-Ramón, Ana B. Chica, Paolo Bartolomeo & Juan Lupiáñez - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (3):745-755.
    We used several cue–target SOAs and three different degrees of cue predictability , to investigate the role of awareness of cue–target predictability on cueing effects. A group of participants received instructions about the informative value of the cue, while another group did not receive such instructions. Participants were able to extract the predictive value of a spatially peripheral cue and use it to orient attention, whether or not specific instructions about the predictive value of the cue were given, and no (...)
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