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    Integrating and Enacting 'Social and Ethical Issues' in Nanotechnology Practices.Ana Viseu & Heather Maguire - 2012 - NanoEthics 6 (3):195-209.
    The integration of nanotechnology’s ‘social and ethical issues’ (SEI) at the research and development stage is one of the defining features of nanotechnology governance in the United States. Mandated by law, integration extends the field of nanotechnology to include a role for the “social”, the “public” and the social sciences and humanities in research and development (R&D) practices and agendas. Drawing from interviews with scientists, engineers and policymakers who took part in an oral history of the “Future of Nanotechnology” symposium (...)
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    Disciplining Nano.Ana Viseu - 2008 - Spontaneous Generations 2 (1):122.
    Monsters, argues Haraway, are sites of confusion and hybridity, entities that defy easy categorization and, as a consequence, hold promise, pleasure, and peril. Haraway adds that monsters are also not accidental or innocent: their creation requires sustained work, their existence has effects. Thus, to understand how Frankenstein came to be in Lilliput, the theme of this special edition, it is crucial to examine how monsters are constructed and how they do things in the world.In this article I propose to start, (...)
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    Philosophy and computing: An introduction.Ana Viseu - 2001 - Acm Sigcas Computers and Society 31 (1):25-26.
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    Social dimensions of wearable computers: an overview.Ana Viseu - 2003 - Technoetic Arts 1 (1):77-82.
    Although the field of wearable computing is experiencing a great boost at the level of design and production, research on its social dimensions is still at an early phase and the literature on the subject is scant. This paper attempts to partially fill this gap by reviewing the current status of the field of wearable computing and the main issues that are starting to emerge from their usage. The first part defines wearable computers and assesses its technical and conceptual origins (...)
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    Simulation and augmentation: Issues of wearable computers. [REVIEW]Ana Viseu - 2003 - Ethics and Information Technology 5 (1):17-26.
    As the physical and digital worlds interact,some fields of technoscience have started toshift from an approach emphasizing simulation –in which the physical is replicated in thedigital – to one focusing on augmentation, inwhich the digital is utilized to enhance thephysical. A good place to study theimplications this shift has on the individualis the field of personal wearable technologies.Here, the body is not simply extended byinformation and communication technologies(ICTs), but also becomes their intimate host.This represents a new step in theconceptualization of (...)
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