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    Metaphor and Truth-Conditional Semantics: Meaning as Process and Product.Finn Collin & Anders Engstrøm - 2001 - Theoria 67 (1):75-92.
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    The Demarcation of the Metaphorical.Anders Engstrøm - 1996 - Philosophy and Rhetoric 29 (4):369 - 383.
  3. Metaforer og lighed.Anders Engstrøm - 1996 - Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift 3.
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    Hintikka and Sandu on Metaphor.Anders Engstrøm - 2001 - Philosophia 28 (1-4):391-410.
    According to Hintikka and Sandu, metaphorical meaning is word-based and can be analyzed in the framework of possible world semantics (PWS) by means of nonstandard meaning lines drawn via similarity considerations. It is shown how PWS offers an analytical tool which enables Hintikka and Sandu's theory to resist classical objections against the comparison view and theories involving considerations to alternative scenarios. It is further argued that Hintikka and Sandu's theory is superior to Davidson's "non-meaning" theory of metaphor and the speech-act (...)
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