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    Alternative Revision Theories of Truth.André Chapuis - 1996 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 25 (4):399-423.
    The Revision Theory of Truth has been challenged in A. M. Yaqūb's recent book The Liar Speaks the Truth. Yaqūb suggests some non-trivial changes in the original theory - changing the limit rule - to avoid certain artifacts. In this paper it is shown that the proposed changes are not sufficient, i.e., Yaqūb's system also produces artifacts. An alternative solution is proposed and the relation between it and Yaqūb's solution is explored.
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  2. Circularity, Definition, and Truth.André Chapuis & Anil Gupta (eds.) - 2000 - Sole Distributor, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers.
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    Haim Gaifman. Pointers to Truth. The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 89 , Pp. 223–261.André Chapuis - 1993 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 58 (4):1462-1463.
  4. Circularity, Truth, and the Liar Paradox.Andre Chapuis - 1993 - Dissertation, Indiana University
    This dissertation is a study of some recent theories of truth. The theories fall into three groups: The Revision Theories, the context-sensitive theories, and the "Chrysippian theories". ;The "Chrysippian theories" are based on the intuition that pathologicalities arising from the concept of truth can be recognized and acknowledged with the concept of truth itself. Thus, from the pathologicality of the Liar, for example, we can conclude that the Liar is not true. This leads to immediate difficulties since the Liar claims (...)
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    An Application of Circular Definitions: Rational Decision.André Chapuis - 2003 - In Benedikt Löwe, Thoralf Räsch & Wolfgang Malzkorn (eds.), Foundations of the Formal Sciences Ii. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 47--54.
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    Review: Haim Gaifman, Pointers to Truth. [REVIEW]Andre Chapuis - 1993 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 58 (4):1462-1463.