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    Dialogic Teaching and Moral Learning: Self‐Critique, Narrativity, Community and ‘Blind Spots’.Andrea R. English - 2016 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 50 (2):160-176.
    In the current climate of high-stakes testing and performance-based accountability measures, there is a pressing need to reconsider the nature of teaching and what capacities one must develop to be a good teacher. Educational policy experts around the world have pointed out that policies focused disproportionately on student test outcomes can promote teaching practices that are reified and mechanical, and which lead to students developing mere memorisation skills, rather than critical thinking and conceptual understanding. Philosophers of dialogue and dialogic teaching (...)
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    Critique and Negativity: Towards the Pluralisation of Critique in Educational Practice, Theory and Research.Dietrich Benner & Andrea English - 2004 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 38 (3):409–428.
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    Exploring Fear: Rousseau, Dewey, and Freire on Fear and Learning.Andrea English & Barbara Stengel - 2010 - Educational Theory 60 (5):521-542.
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    Critical Listening and the Dialogic Aspect of Moral Education: J.F. Herbart's Concept of the Teacher as Moral Guide.Andrea English - 2011 - Educational Theory 61 (2):171-189.
    In his central educational work, The Science of Education (1806), J.F. Herbart did not explicitly develop a theory of listening, yet his concept of the teacher as a guide in the moral development of the learner gives valuable insight into the moral dimension of listening within teacher-student interaction. Herbart's theory radically calls into question the assumed linearity between listening and obedience to external authority, not only illuminating important distinctions between socialization and education, but also underscoring consequences for our understanding of (...)
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    Reply to Avi I. Mintz’s Review of Discontinuity in Learning: Dewey, Herbart, and Education as Transformation.Andrea R. English - 2014 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 33 (4):459-462.
    Current educational policy is leading teachers, schools, and society at large to fixate on the outcomes of learning. In Discontinuity in Learning, I shift the focus to the process of learning and ask, How is it that we come to new ideas, find cooperative ways of interacting with others, or take on a different perspective? Or, more simply, How do we learn? I believe that until we answer this question, we cannot begin to educate another person.My aim in the book (...)
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  6. John Dewey's Democracy and Education: A Centennial Handbook.Leonard J. Waks & Andrea R. English (eds.) - 2017 - Cambridge University Press.
    John Dewey's Democracy and Education is the touchstone for a great deal of modern educational theory. It covers a wide range of themes and issues relating to education, including teaching, learning, educational environments, subject matter, values, and the nature of work and play. This Handbook is designed to help experts and non-experts to navigate Dewey's text. The authors are specialists in the fields of philosophy and education; their chapters offer readers expert insight into areas of Dewey work that they know (...)
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