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    The Universal Declaration of Ethical Principles for Psychologists: A Culture-Sensitive Model for Creating and Reviewing a Code of Ethics.Jean Pettifor, Janel Gauthier & Andrea Ferrero - 2010 - Ethics and Behavior 20 (3):179-196.
    Psychologists live in a globalizing world where traditional boundaries are fading and, therefore, increasingly work with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds. The Universal Declaration of Ethical Principles for Psychologists provides a moral framework of universally acceptable ethical principles based on shared human values across cultures. The application of its moral framework in developing codes of ethics and reviewing current codes may help psychologists to respond ethically in a rapidly changing world. In this article, a model is presented to demonstrate how (...)
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    Professional Ethics in Psychology Facing Disadvantaged Social Conditions in Argentina.Andrea Ferrero - 2006 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 25 (1/4):81-92.
    General health conditions are related to a great number of factors, including the socio-historical ones. As human beings are part of the social field, personality is also affected by them. Due to this, the main Ethics Codes of psychology, all around the world, remark in their preambles the importance of social responsibility in the practice and training in psychology. Argentina is confronted with several social problems that have severely influenced people’s mental health. In countries like Argentina, the ethical practice of (...)
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  3. In: International Journal of Ethics ISSN 1535-4776 Volume 4. Number 3. Pp. 227-233£> 2007 Nova Science Publishers, Inc.Andrea Ferrero - 2004 - International Journal of Ethics: Ije 4:227.
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