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    From Four‐ to Five‐Dimensionalism.Andrew Graham - 2015 - Ratio 28 (1):14-28.
    Philosophers have long noticed the similarity of identity over time and identity across worlds. Despite this similarity, analogous views on these matters are not always taken equally seriously. Four-dimensionalism is one of the most well-known accounts of identity over time. There is a clear modal analogue of four-dimensionalism, on which objects are modally extended and their trans-world identity is a matter of having distinct modal parts located in different possible worlds. Yet this view, which we might call ‘five-dimensionalism,’ is rarely (...)
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    On the Very Idea of a Verbal Dispute.Andrew Graham - 2014 - Dialogue 53 (2):299-314.
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    Neutrality and Impartiality: The University and Political Commitment.A. Phillips Griffiths, Andrew Graham, Leszek Kolakowski, Louis Marin, Alan Montefiore, Charles Taylor, C. L. Ten & W. L. Weinstein - 1976 - Philosophical Quarterly 26 (103):197.
    First published in 1975, this is a book of general intellectual interest about the role of the university in contemporary society and that of university teachers in relation to their subjects, their students, and their wider political commitments. Alan Montefiore offers preliminary analyses of the family of concepts most often invoked in discussions of these problems, taking the central dispute to be between those who hold a 'liberal' view of the university and those who regard this notion as illusory, dishonest (...)
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    Structure and Significance in Metaphysics.Andrew J. Graham - 2014 - Metaphysica 15 (1).
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  5. Does Ontology Matter?Andrew Graham - forthcoming - Disputatio.
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