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  1. Neural Mechanisms of Social Attention.Lauri Nummenmaa & Andrew J. Calder - 2009 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 13 (3):135-143.
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    Facial Expression Megamix: Tests of Dimensional and Category Accounts of Emotion Recognition.Andrew W. Young, Duncan Rowland, Andrew J. Calder, Nancy L. Etcoff, Anil Seth & David I. Perrett - 1997 - Cognition 63 (3):271-313.
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    How Distinct is the Coding of Face Identity and Expression? Evidence for Some Common Dimensions in Face Space.Gillian Rhodes, Stephen Pond, Nichola Burton, Nadine Kloth, Linda Jeffery, Jason Bell, Louise Ewing, Andrew J. Calder & Romina Palermo - 2015 - Cognition 142:123-137.
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    Visual Representation of Eye Gaze is Coded by a Nonopponent Multichannel System.Andrew J. Calder, Rob Jenkins, Anneli Cassel & Colin W. G. Clifford - 2008 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 137 (2):244-261.
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    Caricaturing Facial Expressions.Andrew J. Calder, Duncan Rowland, Andrew W. Young, Ian Nimmo-Smith, Jill Keane & David I. Perrett - 2000 - Cognition 76 (2):105-146.
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    Emotion and Personality Factors Influence the Neural Response to Emotional Stimuli.Fionnuala C. Murphy, Michael P. Ewbank & Andrew J. Calder - 2012 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (3):156-157.
    Lindquist et al. assess the neural evidence for locationist versus psychological construction accounts of human emotion. A wealth of experimental and clinical investigations show that individual differences in emotion and personality influence emotion processing. These factors may also influence the brain's response to emotional stimuli. A synthesis of the relevant neuroimaging data must therefore take these factors into consideration.
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