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    On the Spot Ethical Decision-Making in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear Event) Response: Approaches to on the Spot Ethical Decision-Making for First Responders to Large-Scale Chemical Incidents.Andrew P. Rebera & Chaim Rafalowski - 2014 - Science and Engineering Ethics 20 (3):735-752.
    First responders to chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear events face decisions having significant human consequences. Some operational decisions are supported by standard operating procedures, yet these may not suffice for ethical decisions. Responders will be forced to weigh their options, factoring-in contextual peculiarities; they will require guidance on how they can approach novel ethical problems: they need strategies for “on the spot” ethical decision making. The primary aim of this paper is to examine how first responders should approach on the (...)
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    Societal and Ethical Implications of Anti-Spoofing Technologies in Biometrics.Andrew P. Rebera, Matteo E. Bonfanti & Silvia Venier - 2014 - Science and Engineering Ethics 20 (1):155-169.
    Biometric identification is thought to be less vulnerable to fraud and forgery than are traditional forms of identification. However biometric identification is not without vulnerabilities. In a ‘spoofing attack’ an artificial replica of an individual’s biometric trait is used to induce a system to falsely infer that individual’s presence. Techniques such as liveness-detection and multi-modality, as well as the development of new and emerging modalities, are intended to secure biometric identification systems against such threats. Unlike biometrics in general, the societal (...)
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    Argument Grayeve Elegije: Označavajući Pojmovi, Singularni Termini I Istinosnovrijednosna Ovisnost.Andrew P. Rebera - 2009 - Prolegomena 8 (2):207-232.
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