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Andrew Parisi
University of Connecticut
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    Sellars, Second-Order Quantification, and Ontological Commitment.Andrew Parisi - 2018 - History and Philosophy of Logic 40 (1):81-97.
    Sellars [1960. ‘Grammar and existence: A preface to ontology’, Mind, 69, 499–533; 1979. Naturalism and Ontology, Reseda, CA: Ridgeview Publishing Company] argues that the truth of a second-order sentence, e.g., does not incur commitment to there being any sort of abstract entity. This paper begins by exploring the arguments that Sellars offers for the above claim. It then develops those arguments by pointing out places where Sellars has been unclear or ought to have said more. In particular, Sellars's arguments rely (...)
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    What's in a Name: A Response to Ramsey.Andrew Parisi - 2017 - Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 6 (4):268-277.
    This paper offers a response to Ramsey's famous challenge to draw a logical, as opposed to merely syntactical, distinction between names and predicates. Three attempts to meet this challenge are considered, one from Dummett, one from Geach, and one from Brandom. It is shown that none of these adequately addresses Ramsey's challenge. The paper concludes with a response to Ramsey that avoids the pitfalls of the other three replies. The advantage of the view proposed is that there is nothing preventing (...)
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