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Andrew Shorten
University of Limerick
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    Toleration and Cultural Controversies.Andrew Shorten - 2005 - Res Publica 11 (3):275-299.
    Multicultural societies are far more likely than others to include minorities committed to the pursuit of practices that offend the majority, and treating the cultural commitments of all citizens fairly will require some set of guiding principles to distinguish tolerable ‘cultural controversies’ from intolerable ones. This paper does not directly address the moral question at stake here (i.e. demarcating the limits of toleration) but rather seeks to provide a politically justifiable normative argument to explain when tolerant restraint is necessary, permissible (...)
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    May Churches Discriminate?Andrew Shorten - 2019 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 36 (5):709-717.
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    Are There Rights to Institutional Exemptions?Andrew Shorten - 2015 - Journal of Social Philosophy 46 (2):242-263.
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    Borders and Belonging.Andrew Shorten - 2007 - European Journal of Political Theory 6 (2):227-238.
  5. Nation and State.Andrew Shorten - 2008 - In Catriona McKinnon (ed.), Issues in Political Theory. Oxford University Press.
  6. Trudy Govier, Taking Wrongs Seriously: Acknowledgement, Reconciliation, and the Politics of Sustainable Peace.Andrew Shorten - 2009 - Philosophy in Review 29 (2):107.
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  7. Wayne Norman, Negotiating Nationalism: Nation-Building, Federalism, and Secession in the Multinational State Reviewed By.Andrew Shorten - 2008 - Philosophy in Review 28 (1):59-61.
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