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    Full abstraction for Reduced ML.Andrzej S. Murawski & Nikos Tzevelekos - 2013 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 164 (11):1118-1143.
    We present the first effectively presentable fully abstract model for Starkʼs Reduced ML, a call-by-value higher-order programming language featuring integer-valued references. The model is constructed using techniques of nominal game semantics. Its distinctive feature is the presence of carefully restricted information about the store in plays, combined with conditions concerning the participantsʼ ability to distinguish reference names. We show how it leads to an explicit characterization of program equivalence.
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    REVIEWS-Linear logic in computer science.T. Ehrhard, J. Y. Girard, P. Ruet, P. Scott & Andrzej S. Murawski - 2006 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12 (2):297-298.
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    Angelic semantics of fine-grained concurrency.Dan R. Ghica & Andrzej S. Murawski - 2008 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 151 (2-3):89-114.
    We introduce a game model for an Algol-like programming language with primitives for parallel composition and synchronization on semaphores. The semantics is based on a simplified version of Hyland–Ong-style games and it emphasizes the intuitive connection between the concurrent nature of games and that of computation. The model is fully abstract for may-equivalence.
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    From a well-ordering of the reals it is easy (by a diagonal argument) to produce a non-determined set of reals. However, large cardinal axioms imply that all sets of reals in L (R), and more, are determined. See, for example, Neeman's papers Optimalproofs of determinacy.Andrzej S. Murawski - 1995 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 1:327-339.
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    T. Ehrhard. J.-Y. Girard. P. Ruet. and P. Scott, Linear logic in computer science.Andrzej S. Murawski - 2006 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12 (2):297.
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    Linear logic in computer science, edited by Ehrhard T., Girard J.-Y., Ruet P., and Scott P., London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 316. Cambridge University Press, 2004, 392 pp. [REVIEW]Andrzej S. Murawski - 2006 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12 (2):297-299.