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Angel Petropanagos
University of Western Ontario
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    Pronatalism, Geneticism, and ART.Angel Petropanagos - 2017 - International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 10 (1):119-147.
    The “motherhood mandate,” a set of social pressures on women to bear and rear children, influences some women’s reproductive decision making. Motherhood, like father-hood, can have both biological and social components. These components are separable, such that a woman can be the biological mother of a child without being the social mother of that child, and vice versa. Advancements in assisted reproductive technologies allow for a further delineation in biological motherhood, namely between gestational and genetic motherhood. For example, women who (...)
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  2. CRISPR as a Driving Force: The Model T of Biotechnology.Carlos Mariscal & Angel Petropanagos - 2016 - Monash Bioethics Review 34 (2):1-16.
    The CRISPR system for gene editing can break, repair, and replace targeted sections of DNA. Although CRISPR gene editing has important therapeutic potential, it raises several ethical concerns. Some bioethicists worry CRISPR is a prelude to a dystopian future, while others maintain it should not be feared because it is analogous to past biotechnologies. In the scientific literature, CRISPR is often discussed as a revolutionary technology. In this paper we unpack the framing of CRISPR as a revolutionary technology and contrast (...)
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    Testicular Tissue Cryopreservation and Ethical Considerations: A Scoping Review.Angel Petropanagos - 2017 - Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 14 (2).
    Testicular tissue cryopreservation aims to preserve the future option of genetic reproduction for prepubescent cancer patients who are at risk of infertility as a result of their cancer therapies. This technology is experimental and currently only offered in the research context. As TTCP moves towards becoming more widely available, it is imperative that healthcare providers recognize the complex ethical issues surrounding this technology. This scoping review study identifies and assesses the range and depth of ethical concerns related to this testicular (...)
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    Property in the Body: Feminist Perspectives. By Donna Dickenson.Angel Petropanagos - 2010 - Hypatia 25 (3):613-617.
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    Is Advanced Maternal Age a Public Health Issue?Angel Petropanagos - 2015 - American Journal of Bioethics 15 (11):56-58.
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