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Angela M. Coventry
Portland State University
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    Hume: A Guide for the Perplexed.Angela Michelle Coventry - 2007 - Continuum.
    A student guide that covers the full range of Hume's major works and ideas, including detailed examination of his influential contributions to epistemology and metaphysics.
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    Hume’s System of Space and Time.Angela M. Coventry - 2010 - History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis 13 (1):76-89.
    Hume’s account of the origin and nature of our ideas of space and time is generally thought to be the least satisfactory part of his empiricist system of philosophy. The main reason is internal in that the account is judged to be inconsistent with Hume’s fundamental principle for the relationship between senses and cognition, the copy principle. This paper defends Hume against the inconsistency objection by offering a new systematic interpretation of Hume on space and time and illuminating more generally (...)
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    Mixed Emotions in Life and Art: On Hume's Direct Passions.Angela M. Coventry - 2020 - Think 19 (55):75-83.
    This article is about David Hume's account of mixed emotions. Hume on mixed emotions is connected with Sir Isaac Newton's optical experiments and subsequent invention of the colour wheel, as well as more recently to Robert Plutchik's colour wheel of emotions.
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    "Character and Causation: Hume's Philosophy of Action by Constantine Sandis". [REVIEW]Angela M. Coventry - 2019 - Ratio (3):32.
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    Review of Donald Rutherford (Ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Philosophy[REVIEW]Angela M. Coventry - 2007 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2007 (7).
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    Review: New Essays on David Hume Edited by Emilio Mazza and Emanuele Ronchetti. [REVIEW]Angela Michelle Coventry - 2007 - Hume Studies 33 (2):348-351.