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  1. Mindfulness and the Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Awareness.Antonino Raffone, Angela Tagini & Narayanan Srinivasan - 2010 - Zygon 45 (3):627-646.
    Mindfulness can be understood as the mental ability to focus on the direct and immediate perception or monitoring of the present moment with a state of open and nonjudgmental awareness. Descriptions of mindfulness and methods for cultivating it originated in eastern spiritual traditions. These suggest that mindfulness can be developed through meditation practice to increase positive qualities such as awareness, insight, wisdom, and compassion. In this article we focus on the relationships between mindfulness, with associated meditation practices, and the cognitive (...)
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    Implicit Attitude Toward Caregiving: The Moderating Role of Adult Attachment Styles.Pietro De Carli, Angela Tagini, Diego Sarracino, Alessandra Santona & Laura Parolin - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Attachment, Social Value Orientation, Sensation Seeking, and Bullying in Early Adolescence.Marco Innamorati, Laura Parolin, Angela Tagini, Alessandra Santona, Andrea Bosco, Pietro De Carli, Giovanni L. Palmisano, Filippo Pergola & Diego Sarracino - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Maternal Depression and Attachment: The Evaluation of Mother–Child Interactions During Feeding Practice.Alessandra Santona, Angela Tagini, Diego Sarracino, Pietro De Carli, Cecilia S. Pace, Laura Parolin & Grazia Terrone - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Phenomenal Consciousness, Access Consciousness and Self Across Waking and Dreaming: Bridging Phenomenology and Neuroscience.Martina Pantani, Angela Tagini & Antonino Raffone - 2018 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 17 (1):175-197.
    The distinction between phenomenal and access consciousness is central to debates about consciousness and its neural correlates. However, this distinction has often been limited to the domain of perceptual experiences. On the basis of dream phenomenology and neuroscientific findings this paper suggests a theoretical framework which extends this distinction to dreaming, also in terms of plausible neural correlates. In this framework, phenomenal consciousness is involved in both waking perception and dreaming, whereas access consciousness is weakened, but not fully eliminated, during (...)
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    Attachment Networks in Committed Couples.Lucia L. Carli, Elena Anzelmo, Stefania Pozzi, Judith A. Feeney, Marcello Gallucci, Alessandra Santona & Angela Tagini - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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