Anita Chari [8]Anita Sridhar Chari [1]
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    Toward a Political Critique of Reification: Lukács, Honneth and the Aims of Critical Theory.Anita Chari - 2010 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 36 (5):587-606.
    This article engages Axel Honneth’s recent work on Georg Lukács’ concept of reification in order to formulate a politically relevant and historically specific critique of capitalism that is applicable to theorizing contemporary democratic practice. I argue that Honneth’s attempt to reorient the critique of reification within the terms of a theory of recognition has done so at the cost of sacrificing the core of the concept, which forged a connection between the socio-political analysis of capitalist domination and an analysis of (...)
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  2. A Political Economy of the Senses: Neoliberalism, Reification, Critique.Anita Sridhar Chari - 2015 - Cambridge University Press.
    Anita Chari revives the concept of reification from Marx and the Frankfurt School to spotlight the resistance to neoliberal capitalism now forming at the level of political economy and at the more sensate, experiential level of subjective transformation. Reading art by Oliver Ressler, Zanny Begg, Claire Fontaine, Jason Lazarus, and Mika Rottenberg, as well as the politics of Occupy Wall Street, Chari identifies practices through which artists and activists have challenged neoliberalism's social and political logics, exposing its inherent tensions and (...)
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    Democracy, Dissensus and the Aesthetics of Class Struggle: An Exchange with Jacques Rancière.Rafeeq Hasan, Max Blechman & Anita Chari - 2005 - Historical Materialism 13 (4):285-301.
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    Exceeding Recognition.Anita Chari - 2004 - Sartre Studies International 10 (2):110-122.
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    Human Rights Are the Rights of the Infinite: An Interview with Alain Badiou.Max Blechman, Anita Chari & Rafeeq Hasan - 2012 - Historical Materialism 20 (4):162-186.
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    Beyond Marxology.Anita Chari - 2018 - Radical Philosophy Review 21 (2):355-357.
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    The Embodiment of Conscience.Anita Chari - 2016 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 42 (10):1015-1027.
    This article draws a connection between the faculty of conscience and the capacity for embodied feeling. It suggests that the capacity to engage with conscience and the ability to be responsive to oneself and to others at a sensate level are directly connected and that through embodied practices of sensing and feeling one can cultivate forms of personal conscience, which, in these terms, is not just an intellectual or cognitive moral capacity but is also related to the capacity for sensate (...)
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