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    The Conception of Life in Synthetic Biology.Anna Deplazes-Zemp - 2012 - Science and Engineering Ethics 18 (4):757-774.
    The phrase ‘synthetic biology’ is used to describe a set of different scientific and technological disciplines, which share the objective to design and produce new life forms. This essay addresses the following questions: What conception of life stands behind this ambitious objective? In what relation does this conception of life stand to that of traditional biology and biotechnology? And, could such a conception of life raise ethical concerns? Three different observations that provide useful indications for the conception of life in (...)
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    The Moral Impact of Synthesising Living Organisms: Biocentric Views on Synthetic Biology.Anna Deplazes-Zemp - 2012 - Environmental Values 21 (1):63 - 82.
    This essay examines how biocentric positions assess the aims and planned products of synthetic biology. In this emerging field, scientists and engineers aim at designing and producing new life forms by various procedures. In this paper I explore whether, for biocentrists, 1) synthetic organisms have moral standing and, 2) the process of synthesising living organisms has moral implications. Because naturalness plays a role in some biocentric theories, synthetic biology — at first sight — seems to challenge the idea that all (...)
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    Different Understandings of Life as an Opportunity to Enrich the Debate About Synthetic Biology.Nikola Biller-Andorno, Daniel Gregorowius & Anna Deplazes-Zemp - 2015 - NanoEthics 9 (2):179-188.
    Comments and reports on synthetic biology often focus on the idea that this field may lead to synthetic life or life forms. Such claims attract general attention because “life” is a basic concept that is understood, interpreted and explained in multiple ways. While these different understandings of life may influence the ethical assessment of synthetic biology by experts and the public, this field might, in turn, influence how academics or the public view life. We suggest in this paper that synthetic (...)
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    1.5 Scientific Knowledge Leads to Moral Responsibilities–Case Study Synthetic Biology.Anna Deplazes-Zemp & Sebastian Leidel - forthcoming - Common Knowledge: The Challenge of Transdisciplinarity.
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  5. Index to Environmental Values Volume 21, 2012.John O'Neill, Clive L. Spash, Mark Whitehead, Robin Attfield, Bernard Baertschi, Seth D. Baum, Carol Booth, Peter F. Cannavò & Anna Deplazes-Zemp - 2012 - Environmental Values 21:545-548.
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