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  1. Loving the Fine: Virtue and Happiness in Artistotle's Ethics.Anna Lannstrom - 2006 - University of Notre Dame Press.
    Assuming that people want to be happy, can we show that they cannot be happy without being ethical, and that all rational people therefore should be able to see that it is in their own best interest to be ethical? Is it irrational to reject ethics? Aristotle thought so, claims Anna Lännström; but, she adds, he also thought that there was no way to prove it to a skeptic or an immoral person. Lännström probes Artistotle's view that desire is crucial (...)
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    A Religious Revolution? How Socrates’ Theology Undermined the Practice of Sacrifice.Anna Lännström - 2011 - Ancient Philosophy 31 (2):261-274.
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    Trusting the Divine Voice: Socrates and His Daimonion.Anna Lännström - 2012 - Apeiron 45 (1):32-49.
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    Greek Popular Religion in Greek Philosophy. By Jon D. Mikalson.Anna Lännström - 2012 - Ancient Philosophy 32 (2):446-452.
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    Socrates, the Philosopher in the Theaetetus Digression (172c–177c), and the Ideal of Homoiôsis Theôi.Anna Lännström - 2011 - Apeiron 44 (2):111-130.
    Traditionally, scholars have taken homoiôsis theôi in the Theaetetus digression to require neglect of particulars, but they have noted that although Socrates advocates it, he does not live such a life. To explain the discrepancy, Mahoney and Rue both argue that we need to reinterpret godlikeness to require active engagement in the city. I reject their reinterpretations and I revise the traditional view, arguing that godlikeness is not a single ideal. Instead, I argue, Plato provides several different portraits of godlikeness (...)
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    Locke's Account of Personal Identity: Memory as Fallible Evidence.Anna Lännström - 2007 - History of Philosophy Quarterly 24 (1):39 - 56.
  7. 30 Jacqueline Feke Trusting the Divine Voice: Socrates and His Daimonion.Anna Lännström - forthcoming - Apeiron.
  8. Responsibility.Roger T. Ames, Thomas M. Chappell, M. David Eckel, Anna Lännström, Margaret R. Miles, Andrea Nightingale, Bhikhu Parekh, Steven C. Rockefeller, David Roochnik, Alfred I. Tauber & Michael Zank - 2007 - Lexington Books.
    In this book philosophers, scholars of religion, and activists address the theme of responsibility. Barbara Darling-Smith brings together an enlightening collection of essays that analyze the ethics of responsibility, its relational nature, and its global struggle.
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  9. Loving the Fine: Goodness and Happiness in Aristotle's "Ethics".Anna C. Lannstrom - 2002 - Dissertation, Boston University
    This dissertation evaluates the contemporary viability of Aristotelian ethics. It argues that neo-Aristotelians are right in thinking that some version of Aristotle's ethics is viable today. However, standard interpretations are wrong in several respects: Aristotle's ethics does not and cannot ground ethics in eudaimonia as Nussbaum suggests it does. Nor does it treat virtue as a means to eudaimonia as Kant thought. Furthermore, Aristotle denies that ethics can be grounded at all. Instead, he suggests that arguments persuade only those who (...)
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  10. Socrates’ Moral Impiety and its Role at the Trial: A Reading of Euthyphro 6A.Anna Lannstrom - 2013 - Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought 30 (1):31-48.
    Socrates was convicted of corrupting the youth and of not believing in the city's gods. Scholars disagree about whether the main problem was religion or politics and, if religion, whether it was heterodoxy or heteropraxy, atheism or heresy. This paper focuses on an aspect of this debate, namely, the controversy about whether Socrates' moral theology was a significant factor in the trial. It argues that while Vlastos and Burnyeat fail to show that Socrates' moral theology was a factor, the arguments (...)
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