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    Anna Strelis (2010). Critical Notice: Beauvoir and Sartre: The Riddle of Influence. Philosophical Forum 41 (3):347-357.
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    Anna Strelis (2013). The Intimacy Between Reason and Emotion. Res Philosophica 90 (4):461-480.
    This paper elucidates Kierkegaard’s notion of the “simultaneity of factors” in order to reveal the intimate connection between reason and emotion. I begin with the romantic vision of aesthetic education as embodied in Friedrich Schiller, which Kierkegaard himself inherited, though in a critical and nuanced manner. Next, I explore Kierkegaard’s pointed critique of the romantics, namely through his conviction that they had misrepresented the role of imagination to the detriment of harmony in the individual. Finally, I present Kierkegaard’s positive view (...)
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    Anna Strelis (2008). The Science Without a Name. Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 29 (2):5-50.
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    Anna Strelis (2010). On the Subject in Linguistics. Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 31 (1):61-89.
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