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    Ethics in Community-University-Artist Partnered Research: Tensions, Contradictions and Gaps Identified in an ‘Arts for Social Change’ Project.Annalee Yassi, Jennifer Beth Spiegel, Karen Lockhart, Lynn Fels, Katherine Boydell & Judith Marcuse - 2016 - Journal of Academic Ethics 14 (3):199-220.
    Academics from diverse disciplines are recognizing not only the procedural ethical issues involved in research, but also the complexity of everyday “micro” ethical issues that arise. While ethical guidelines are being developed for research in aboriginal populations and low-and-middle-income countries, multi-partnered research initiatives examining arts-based interventions to promote social change pose a unique set of ethical dilemmas not yet fully explored. Our research team, comprising health, education, and social scientists, critical theorists, artists and community-activists launched a five-year research partnership on (...)
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    The Ethics of Ethics Reviews in Global Health Research: Case Studies Applying a New Paradigm. [REVIEW]Annalee Yassi, Jaime Breilh, Shafik Dharamsi, Karen Lockhart & Jerry M. Spiegel - 2013 - Journal of Academic Ethics 11 (2):83-101.
    With increasing calls for global health research there is growing concern regarding the ethical challenges encountered by researchers from high-income countries (HICs) working in low or middle-income countries (LMICs). There is a dearth of literature on how to address these challenges in practice. In this article, we conduct a critical analysis of three case studies of research conducted in LMICs. We apply emerging ethical guidelines and principles specific to global health research and offer practical strategies that researchers ought to consider. (...)
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    Fanon and Soap Advertising.Annalee Ring - 2023 - CLR James Journal 29 (1):221-251.
    This paper critically examines the pervasive colonial myth that associates whiteness with cleanliness and blackness with dirtiness, a myth often perpetuated through media, especially soap advertisements. Through an analysis of Frantz Fanon’s contributions to psychoanalysis and phenomenology, the paper elucidates how racial constructs are sociogenically constructed and internalized, shaping the collective unconscious. Focusing on Fanon’s phenomenological exploration of the white gaze, the paper highlights its role in overdetermining the black man, reducing them to an object embodying racial myths. The paper (...)
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    Surfing the knowledge wave: Access for Caribbean development.Annalee C. Babb - 2003 - Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society 1 (2):71-80.
    For the 15 member states of the Caribbean Community to join and to introduce a measure of equity to the emergent global information society, they must be able to manage and exploit digital communication networks, technologies, products and services in ways that nurture and advance Caribbean knowledge, culture and development. This requires a type of digital access to the new telecommunication infrastructures these small developing countries as yet have been unable to attain. As a consequence, this paper develops a six‐layered (...)
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    Coming Home to the Self.Annalee Davis - 2001 - Feminist Studies 27 (2):459-464.
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    The Nursing Shortage–It’s Back!Sally Knox, Jo Annalee Irving & Jan Gharrity - 2001 - Jona's Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Regulation 3 (4):114-122.
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  7. Cosmopolitan Creoles and neoliberal mobility in Annalee Davis's On the map.Melissa Stephens - 2017 - In Eddy Kent & Terri Tomsky (eds.), Negative cosmopolitanism: cultures and politics of world citizenship after globalization. Chicago: McGill-Queen's University Press.
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