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    Hypnotic Induction Decreases Anterior Default Mode Activity.William J. McGeown, Giuliana Mazzoni, Annalena Venneri & Irving Kirsch - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (4):848-855.
    The ‘default mode’ network refers to cortical areas that are active in the absence of goal-directed activity. In previous studies, decreased activity in the ‘default mode’ has always been associated with increased activation in task-relevant areas. We show that the induction of hypnosis can reduce anterior default mode activity during rest without increasing activity in other cortical regions. We assessed brain activation patterns of high and low suggestible people while resting in the fMRI scanner and while engaged in visual tasks, (...)
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    Suggested Visual Hallucination Without Hypnosis Enhances Activity in Visual Areas of the Brain.William J. McGeown, Annalena Venneri, Irving Kirsch, Luca Nocetti, Kathrine Roberts, Lisa Foan & Giuliana Mazzoni - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (1):100-116.
    This functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging study investigated high and low suggestible people responding to two visual hallucination suggestions with and without a hypnotic induction. Participants in the study were asked to see color while looking at a grey image, and to see shades of grey while looking at a color image. High suggestible participants reported successful alterations in color perception in both tasks, both in and out of hypnosis, and showed a small benefit if hypnosis was induced. Low suggestible people (...)
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    Belief and Awareness: Reflections on a Case of Persistent Anosognosia.Annalena Venneri & Michael F. Shanks - 2004 - Neuropsychologia 42 (2):230-238.
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