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    The Measurement of Moral Judgment.Anne Colby - 1987 - Cambridge University Press.
    This long-awaited two-volume set constitutes the definitive presentation of the system of classifying moral judgment built up by Lawrence Kohlberg and his associates over a period of twenty years. Researchers in child development and education around the world, many of whom have worked with interim versions of the system, indeed, all those seriously interested in understanding the problem of moral judgment, will find it an indispensable resource. Volume I reviews Kohlberg's stage theory, and the by-now large body of research on (...)
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  2. Social Intelligence Measuring the Development of Sociomoral Reflection.John C. Gibbs, Keith F. Widaman & Anne Colby - 1982
  3. Ethnography and Human Development Context and Meaning in Social Inquiry.Richard Jessor, Anne Colby & Richard A. Shweder - 1996
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    Education and Moral Commitment.William Damon & Anne Colby - 1996 - Journal of Moral Education 25 (1):31-37.
    Abstract This paper argues that most school?based moral education programmes are limited by their exclusive focus on moral reflection and their neglect of moral habit, effect and commitment. In order to have a far?reaching impact on young people's moral conduct, schools must join with other institutions, including families, churches, youth programmes and other community organisations to provide a clear and coherent set of expectations for young people. The goals of this co?operation across institutions should be to promote the development of (...)
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  5. Standard Issue Scoring Manual.Anne Colby - 1987 - In The Measurement of Moral Judgment. Cambridge University Press.
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    Secondary School Moral Discussion Programmes Led by Social Studies Teachers.Anne Colby, Lawrence Kohlberg, Edwin Fenton, Betsy Speicher‐Dubin & Marcus Lieberman - 1977 - Journal of Moral Education 6 (2):90-111.
    Abstract An experiment is reported on the effect of a moral discussion programme taught in the schools by regular classroom teachers. Number of discussions and type of teacher preparation were varied. Students? moral judgment stage was assessed before and after the programme and teachers were observed throughout the course of the year. A substantial degree of moral judgment stage change was shown in some but not all of the classrooms. Three variables associated with likelihood of student moral judgment change were (...)
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