Anne Kane [4]Anne T. Kane [1]Anne E. Kane [1]
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    Cultural Analysis in Historical Sociology: The Analytic and Concrete Forms of the Autonomy of Culture.Anne Kane - 1991 - Sociological Theory 9 (1):53-69.
    In an effort to clear away confusions regarding the role of cultural analysis in historical explanation, this paper proposes a new approach to the issue of cultural autonomy. The premise is that there are two forms of cultural autonomy, analytic and concrete. Analytic autonomy posits the independent structure of culture-its elements, processes, and reproduction. It is achieved through the theoretical and artificial separation of culture from other social structures, conditions, and action. Concrete autonomy establishes the interconnection of culture with the (...)
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    Theorizing Meaning Construction in Social Movements: Symbolic Structures and Interpretation During the Irish Land War, 1879–1882.Anne E. Kane - 1997 - Sociological Theory 15 (3):249-276.
    Though the process of meaning construction is widely recognized to be a crucial factor in the mobilization, unfolding, and outcomes of social movements, the conditions and mechanisms that allow meaning construction and cultural transformation are often misconceptualized and/or underanalyzed. Following a "tool kit" perspective on culture, dominant social movement theory locates meaning only as it is embodied in concrete social practices. Meaning construction from this perspective is a matter of manipulating static symbols and meaning to achieve goals. I argue instead (...)
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    Lonergan's Philosophy as Grounding for Cross-Disciplinary Research.Anne Kane - 2014 - Nursing Philosophy 15 (2):125-137.
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    Reconstructing Culture in Historical Explanation: Narratives as Cultural Structure and Practice.Anne Kane - 2000 - History and Theory 39 (3):311–330.
    The problem of how to access and deploy the explanatory power of culture in historical accounts has long remained vexing. A recent approach, combining and transcending the "culture as structure"/ "culture as practice" divide among social historians, puts explanatory focus on the recursivity of meaning, agency, and structure in historical transformation. This article argues that meaning construction is at the nexus of culture, social structure, and social action, and must be the explicit target of investigation into the cultural dimension of (...)
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    What We're Trying to Solve: The Back and Forth of Engaged Interdisciplinary Inquiry.Anne T. Kane & Donna J. Perry - 2016 - Nursing Inquiry 23 (4):327-337.
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