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    Book Reviews and Notices. [REVIEW]Srimati Basu, Heather T. Frazer, Dermot Killingley, James Blumenthal, Anne M. Blackburn, Roy W. Perrett, Kees W. Bolle, Donald R. Davis, Mariko Namba Walter & George W. Spencer - 2002 - International Journal of Hindu Studies 6 (3):319-337.
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    3. Buddhist Technologies of Statecraft and Millennial Moments.Anne M. Blackburn - 2017 - History and Theory 56 (1):71-79.
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    Writing Buddhist Histories From Landscape and Architecture: Sukhothai and Chiang Mai.Anne M. Blackburn - 2007 - Buddhist Studies Review 24 (2):192-225.
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    Religions, Reasons and Gods: Essays in Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion.Anne M. Blackburn & Thomas D. Carroll - 2006 - Cambridge University Press.
    Traditional theistic proofs are often understood as evidence intended to compel belief in a divinity. John Clayton explores the surprisingly varied applications of such proofs in the work of philosophers and theologians from several periods and traditions, thinkers as varied as Ramanuja, al-Ghazali, Anselm, and Jefferson. He shows how the gradual disembedding of theistic proofs from their diverse and local religious contexts is concurrent with the development of natural theologies and atheism as social and intellectual options in early modern Europe (...)
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