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    Affirmative Action Policy and Changing Views.Anthony F. Libertella, Sebastian A. Sora & Samuel M. Natale - 2007 - Journal of Business Ethics 74 (1):65-71.
    Critiquing any practice, theory, or law, requires understanding the characteristics of the environment which created a need for this law. There are hundreds of different cultures in the world, and each one has its own set of norms, characteristics, and values. What in one country is perceived normal, ethical or unethical, right or wrong, may not be the same somewhere else in the world. The first civilizations begun in Africa and Europe many thousands of years ago when people were hunters (...)
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    Higher Education and Wealth Equity: Calibrating the Moral Compass Empathy, Ethics, and the Trained Will.Samuel M. Natale & Anthony F. Libertella - 2016 - Journal of Academic Ethics 14 (1):35-47.
    This paper will argue the importance of the creation of a moral compass, driven by empathy and a rigorously trained will in higher education leadership to develop a tighter relationship between higher education and wealth equity. We will explore the foundational documents that first discussed these issues within a global context. Further, We explore how these goals, enhanced by insights promulgated by the United Nations, can be achieved by teaching empathy, developing a moral compass and training the will.
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    For-Profit Education: The Sleep of Ethical Reason.Samuel M. Natale, Anthony F. Libertella & Caroline J. Doran - 2015 - Journal of Business Ethics 126 (3):415-421.
    This article argues the philosophical concerns and foundational challenges raised by a for-profit model of education. The for-profit model is governed by a business paradigm, without reference to the context in which it is found. The authors explore primary ethical questions and challenges presented by this model. As such, they present potential solutions to the growing problem in higher education as a corporate entity. The authors introduce a potential model for analysis of the issues and suggest an interventional technique with (...)
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    Education-business partnership: Shifting sands in the university and corporate community. [REVIEW]Samuel M. Natale & Anthony F. Libertella - 1998 - Journal of Value Inquiry 32 (2):257-268.