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  1. Introduction to structured argumentation.Philippe Besnard, Alejandro Garcia, Anthony Hunter, Sanjay Modgil, Henry Prakken, Guillermo Simari & Francesca Toni - 2014 - Argument and Computation 5 (1):1-4.
    In abstract argumentation, each argument is regarded as atomic. There is no internal structure to an argument. Also, there is no specification of what is an argument or an attack. They are assumed to be given. This abstract perspective provides many advantages for studying the nature of argumentation, but it does not cover all our needs for understanding argumentation or for building tools for supporting or undertaking argumentation. If we want a more detailed formalization of arguments than is available with (...)
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    Weighted argument systems: Basic definitions, algorithms, and complexity results.Paul E. Dunne, Anthony Hunter, Peter McBurney, Simon Parsons & Michael Wooldridge - 2011 - Artificial Intelligence 175 (2):457-486.
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    Instantiating abstract argumentation with classical logic arguments: Postulates and properties.Nikos Gorogiannis & Anthony Hunter - 2011 - Artificial Intelligence 175 (9-10):1479-1497.
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    Constructing argument graphs with deductive arguments: a tutorial.Philippe Besnard & Anthony Hunter - 2014 - Argument and Computation 5 (1):5-30.
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    Towards a framework for computational persuasion with applications in behaviour change1.Anthony Hunter - 2018 - Argument and Computation 9 (1):15-40.
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    On the measure of conflicts: Shapley Inconsistency Values.Anthony Hunter & Sébastien Konieczny - 2010 - Artificial Intelligence 174 (14):1007-1026.
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    Comfort or safety? Gathering and using the concerns of a participant for better persuasion.Emmanuel Hadoux & Anthony Hunter - 2019 - Argument and Computation 10 (2):113-147.
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    Localising iceberg inconsistencies.Glauber De Bona & Anthony Hunter - 2017 - Artificial Intelligence 246 (C):118-151.
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    Analysing inconsistent first-order knowledgebases.John Grant & Anthony Hunter - 2008 - Artificial Intelligence 172 (8-9):1064-1093.
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    Working on the argument pipeline: Through flow issues between natural language argument, instantiated arguments, and argumentation frameworks.Adam Wyner, Tom van Engers & Anthony Hunter - 2016 - Argument and Computation 7 (1):69-89.
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    Epistemic graphs for representing and reasoning with positive and negative influences of arguments.Anthony Hunter, Sylwia Polberg & Matthias Thimm - 2020 - Artificial Intelligence 281 (C):103236.
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    Encoding deductive argumentation in quantified Boolean formulae.Philippe Besnard, Anthony Hunter & Stefan Woltran - 2009 - Artificial Intelligence 173 (15):1406-1423.
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    A logic-based theory of deductive arguments☆☆This is an extended version of a paper entitled “Towards a logic-based theory of argumentation” published in the Proceedings of the National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'2000), Austin, TX, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2000. [REVIEW]Philippe Besnard & Anthony Hunter - 2001 - Artificial Intelligence 128 (1-2):203-235.
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    Logic, arguments and inconsistencies: an introduction to the festschrift in honour of Philippe Besnard.Sylvie Doutre, Andreas Herzig & Anthony Hunter - 2023 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 33 (3-4):207-211.
    1. In this special issue of the Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, we aim to celebrate the recent retirement of Philippe Besnard as directeur de recherche in the Centre National de Recherche...
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    Foundations for a logic of arguments.Leila Amgoud, Philippe Besnard & Anthony Hunter - 2017 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 27 (3-4):178-195.
    This paper aims at laying some foundations of a logic of argumentation in which arguments, as well as attacks and supports among arguments are all defined in a unifying formalism. In the latter, an argument is denoted as a pair displaying a reason and a conclusion but no condition is required to hold relating the reason to the conclusion. We introduce a series of inference rules relating arguments and show how the resulting system captures important features of argumentation that hitherto (...)
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    Strategic argumentation dialogues for persuasion: Framework and experiments based on modelling the beliefs and concerns of the persuadee.Emmanuel Hadoux, Anthony Hunter & Sylwia Polberg - 2023 - Argument and Computation 14 (2):109-161.
    Persuasion is an important and yet complex aspect of human intelligence. When undertaken through dialogue, the deployment of good arguments, and therefore counterarguments, clearly has a significant effect on the ability to be successful in persuasion. Two key dimensions for determining whether an argument is “good” in a particular dialogue are the degree to which the intended audience believes the argument and counterarguments, and the impact that the argument has on the concerns of the intended audience. In this paper, we (...)
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    Fusion rules for context-dependent aggregation of structured news reports.Anthony Hunter & Rupert Summerton - 2004 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 14 (3):329-366.
    A NewsFusion System is a logic-based system for merging heterogeneous structured news reports. Structured news reports are XML documents, where the textentries are restricted to individual words or simple phrases, such as names and domain-specific terminology, and numbers and units. We assume structured news reports do not require natural language processing. In previous papers, we have presented aspects of a logic-based framework for merging structured news reports based on fusion rules. Fusion rules are a form of scripting language that define (...)
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    Hans Kleine Buning and Theodor Lettmann, propositional logic: Deduction and algorithms.Anthony Hunter - 2002 - Studia Logica 71 (2):247-258.
  19. L_-.-.-Lfiii~ ii 'ii.Anthony Hunter - 1995 - Philosophy 1992.
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    Syntactic reasoning with conditional probabilities in deductive argumentation.Anthony Hunter & Nico Potyka - 2023 - Artificial Intelligence 321 (C):103934.
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    Foreword.Weiru Liu, Laurence Cholvy, Salem Benferhat & Anthony Hunter - 2004 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 14 (3):243-245.