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    Consciousness in Contemporary Science.Anthony J. Marcel & Edoardo Bisiach - 1988 - New York: Oxford University Press. Edited by Anthony J. Marcel & Edoardo Bisiach.
    The significance of consciousness in modern science is discussed by leading authorities from a variety of disciplines. Presenting a wide-ranging survey of current thinking on this important topic, the contributors address such issues as the status of different aspects of consciousness; the criteria for using the concept of consciousness and identifying instances of it; the basis of consciousness in functional brain organization; the relationship between different levels of theoretical discourse; and the functions of consciousness.
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  2. Consciousness and the varieties of emotion experience: A theoretical framework.John A. Lambie & Anthony J. Marcel - 2002 - Psychological Review 109 (2):219-259.
  3. Conscious and unconscious perception: Experiments on visual masking and word recognition.Anthony J. Marcel - 1983 - Cognitive Psychology 15:197-237.
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    Consciousness and processing: Choosing and testing a null hypothesis.Anthony J. Marcel - 1986 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 9 (1):40-41.
  5. The sense of agency: Awareness and ownership of action.Anthony J. Marcel - 2003 - In Johannes Roessler & Naomi Eilan (eds.), Agency and Self-Awareness: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology. Oxford: Clarendon Press. pp. 48–93.
  6. Conscious and unconscious perception: An approach to the relations between phenomenal experience and perceptual processes.Anthony J. Marcel - 1983 - Cognitive Psychology 15:238-300.
  7. Slippage in the Unity of Consciousness.Anthony J. Marcel - 1993 - In G. R. Bock & James L. Marsh (eds.), Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Consciousness. (Ciba Foundation Symposium 174). pp. 168-186.
  8. Agency and Self-Awareness: Issues in Philosophy and Psychology.Anthony J. Marcel - 2003 - Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  9. The self in contextualized action.Shaun Gallagher & Anthony J. Marcel - 2002 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 6 (4):273.
    This paper suggests that certain traditional ways of analysing the self start off in situations that are abstract or detached from normal experience, and that the conclusions reached in such approaches are, as a result, inexact or mistaken. The paper raises the question of whether there are more contextualized forms of self- consciousness than those usually appealed to in philosophical or psychological analyses, and whether they can be the basis for a more adequate theoretical approach to the self. First, we (...)
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  10. Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Consciousness.Anthony J. Marcel - 1993 - (Ciba Foundation Symposium 174).
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    Blindsight and shape perception: Deficit of visual consciousness or of visual function?Anthony J. Marcel - 1998 - Brain 121:1565-88.
  12. Phenomenal experience and functionalism.Anthony J. Marcel - 1988 - In Anthony J. Marcel & E. Bisiach (eds.), Consciousness in Contemporary Science. Oxford University Press.
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    Self-consciousness and the body: An interdisciplinary introduction.Naomi M. Eilan & Anthony J. Marcel - 1995 - In Jose Luis Bermudez, Anthony J. Marcel & Naomi M. Eilan (eds.), The Body and the Self. MIT Press.
  14. What is relevant to the unity of consciousness?Anthony J. Marcel - 1994 - In Christopher Peacocke (ed.), Objectivity, Simulation and the Unity of Consciousness: Current Issues in the Philosophy of Mind. Oxford University Press.
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    How Many Selves in Emotion Experience? Reply to Dalgleish and Power (2004).Anthony J. Marcel & John A. Lambie - 2004 - Psychological Review 111 (3):820-826.
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